Casualty: Oh brother

(Series 31, ep. 33) Last week we left Dr Lily Chao unconscious in a car park somewhere. Luckily, this week Gem called an ambulance, and it wasn’t long before Iain and Jez were on the scene. Lily arrived in the ED all confused and shouty, which is normally a very bad sign indeed.

A CT scan showed that nothing terrible was amiss, so hurrah and phew and that. But it had been widely publicised (there’s such a thin line between whetting your appetite for a show and giving so much away that you may as well not watch it) that someone would die. So if not Lily,who? 

Well, the answer to that had already been widely spoilered as well, which lessened the suspense again. It became not a matter of who (Cal), but how? And the how was that he was stabbed in a fight with one of the Racist Thug Family from last week and previously.

It was a very cinematic fight, helped by a lot of rain and dramatic lighting, and Ethan’s reaction when he was summoned to the hospital to find that his brother was dead was very moving. Ethan had always been the nicer, sweeter brother, and Cal has let him down so many times. It was tragic that Cal died trying to stick up for his brother.

But speaking of brothers, I found the character I was most interested in was the gay brother in the Racist Thug Family, Mickey (Mitch Hewer). I liked the scene between him and Jez – it seemed that Jez really cares about him too.


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4 responses to “Casualty: Oh brother

  1. I loved the scene between Iain and Lily, added some hope to a very sad episode

  2. Samantha Glennerster

    I have found casualty a bit laughable recently but this episode was brilliant. Superb acting from the actors who play cal and Ethan. I was in tears at the end. My faith in casualty is restored

  3. Thunderchild

    Whenever someone is killed off this way I’ll inevitably compare it to when Lucy and Carter were stabbed on ER….and with all the good will in the world nothing could ever top that. The sight of Kerry Weaver throwing up in the bin outside will stay with me forever.

    • Collins1965

      That broke my heart. I really wanted them to be together. ER had so many brilliant moments like when Romano had his arm sliced off by the helicopter and when lovely Mark died. It remains my all time favourite medical drama.

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