Casualty: Waterloo sunset

(Series 31, ep. 32) Rebecca Ryan, who plays Iain’s sister Gem, was previously in Waterloo Road. Anyone who watched Waterloo Road for more than a few episodes will know that what pissed-off and pissed-up teenagers tend to do is drive stolen cars in circles around car parks. It happened so often in Waterloo Road that it became A Thing. And it seems that Waterloo Road’s effects rub off on its cast members. Tom Chambers is currently reprising his role as head teacher Max Tyler (while reprising his role as Mister Strachan), and Rebecca Ryan is still being a disgruntled and misunderstood teenager (or early twenties, possibly). 

Unfortunately driving cars in a haphazard fashion around car parks is dangerous for anyone nearby, and when we last saw Dr Lily Chao she was flat on the floor with a GCS of not very much at all. Oh, Dr Lily Chao! I’m hoping she’ll pull through, because I rather like her.

The secret of who’s been putting pictures of Alicia on the internet was solved, though. It was Gem, apparently, who was cross that Alicia has a notch labelled “Sam Strachan” on her increasingly well-carved bedpost.

There were two sets of patient o’ the week this week. One was a lady (acting royalty Siân Phillips) who was brought in with something minor and then discovered to have something major. It’s always the way. The dreadful effects of NHS cuts and Mr Strachan’s heinous staffing policies resulted in her almost having to be wheeled out to lie on a trolley in a corridor until a bed could be found on Keller, but Dr Lily Chao in the end refused to do it.

The other patient was a racist thug who’d got into an altercation with his son’s boyfriend. Apparently this racist thug has been seen before and may have shot Jacob. Is Jacob the unluckiest nurse at Holby? Or does Fletch still hold that title?

We’ve not seen the last of racist thug etc by the look of it – but have we seen the last of Dr Lily Chao? Tune in next week!


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4 responses to “Casualty: Waterloo sunset

  1. thebigmart

    I had read that one member of the regular cast was going to die, but don’t know who.

    I have quite warmed to Lily. When she was first made up to a senior (don’t know what her exact position is) doctor she seemed quite cold and remote. Now we have seen a more human side to her. So therefore hope it is not her that is going.

    PS Alicia, my bedpost needs a new notch !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. thebigmart

    That’s my ‘Tuesday girl”, Saturday is for Alicia !!!! (Don’t tell my wife !!!).

  3. Samantha Glennerster

    Why no cuts to staff on the rest of holbys wards! I thought rik griffin was medical director, although we haven’t seen him for months