Holby City: Pandora’s (musical) box

(Series 19, ep. 28) Who could possibly have imagined it? A Holby City staff member with a Secret Past? It should really have come as no surprise to Jac to find out that Matteo Rossini isn’t all that he seems – after all, her first impression of him was of That Vile Fiend Who Nicked the Digby Stent.

The problem is that the latest revelation – that there’s a Mrs Rossini – came just as Jac’s guard had dropped. Jac’s guard does not drop easily, as we well know, but try as she might she’s been unable to resist his easy Italian charm. His offer of a motorcycle adventure tour was also hard to resist, and was so tempting that Jac almost binned off the annual thoracic surgery conference in Copenhagen to Oliver Valentine. 

So when Jac discovered a wedding photo among Matteo’s possessions she blew her top and there was a lot of shouting and throwing things. One of the things she almost threw was a musical box, and later we saw Matteo having a little cry as he contemplated the twirling ballerina within. What’s the significance of the musical box? Does it hint at some awful tragedy, or is he simply mourning the ballet career that he had to give up to pursue medicine?

These dilemmas happen to all of us, and compromises have to be made. As Dominic Copeland recovered from his wounds on Keller, he was entertained by Joan in the next bed. Joan (Delena Kidd) was Holby’s oldest pole-fit dancer, and she was quite the expert. Dominic – who couldn’t resist being a doctor even when he was supposed to be a patient – was appalled at how quickly Joan seemed to settle into a “little old lady” role when her domineering daughter arrived and started making plans to move Joan into a granny flat. Joan revealed to Dom that the secret was to make small concessions to appease her daughter, but to keep doing the stuff she loved anyway.

This was exactly the brains-speak that Dominic needed to get him to realise that Isaac still had a hold on him if he didn’t go through with making a statement to the police. So he did. And while deleting a photo of Isaac on his phone (just one?), we saw a photo of Digby. Gone but not forgotten.

On AAU, Sydney Somers climbed up on the moral high ground and told Fletch she deserved Artem’s money because he’d been such a rubbish dad. If that was a legal thing, imagine how much money Paula Burrows owed to Jac (“and you can have your kidney back as well”). As we know, Fletch is a glorious human being, and after being exposed to this for less than an hour, Sydney decided she didn’t want the money after all. “It was never about his money anyway,” she said. It looked that way to me, but anyhoo.

It’s been a while since we had a fictional drug to fail to get from Boots or the dodgy man at the pub, but this week we had a patient who’d been taking Zhenamil. Students use it, apparently. But only fictional ones.

A book about Holby? Oh yes.


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5 responses to “Holby City: Pandora’s (musical) box

  1. So glad that Dom went to the police in the end and I’m really happy to see him and Zosia hanging out together again.
    I still can’t warm to Matteo. I just don’t think him and Jac are a good couple and I really didn’t enjoy his pursuit of her. Although I am enjoying Jac spending more time with her sister. I wasn’t sure about Jasmine when she started but she has really grown on me. I hope we get to see more of the two of them together.
    Also I have a feeling that Fletch and Sydney are going to end up together. I can see why she was angry about the money and Fletch had been a bit but I’m glad that’s all sorted.

  2. Was it just me, or was yesterday’s episode just a bit Meh?
    I’m not sure about Matteo either, but he’s totally gorgeous, so I’ll forgive him. My guess, giving him the benefit of the doubt in view of his gorgeousness, is that he was married, had a child and Mrs Matteo and their child were killed in some medical mishap.
    Totally agree about Fletch and Sydney getting together, but she needs to sort out her eye make-up.

    • Jenny BG


      As I understand it, his (possibly EX) wife is coming into Holby soon. I agree, maybe daughter died, and wife divorced him after, so he was left with no one.

  3. Dawn Robinson

    Hi Sue,
    Thanks for your write up.
    Just thought I should say it’s “Past Imperfect”, not “Pandora’s Box”

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