Casualty: You’ve already met my mother

(Series 31, ep. 31) I haven’t watched Casualty for ages, but you know, Easter and that. I thought it was time to revisit the emergency wing of everyone’s favourite hospital.

What do I find but Mr Strachan (which my mind still has to say in a Connie Beauchamp voice from back in the day when he was very much a junior), apparently in charge of things in some unspecific administrative way.

When Sam used to be in Holby City I didn’t pay him much attention because I was always on Team Joseph, but every time I’ve seen him on Casualty he’s been a loathsome little rat. In fact, he’s exactly the same character he was when he was Max Tyler on Waterloo Road – officious, pompous and annoying. And what I really want to know is, how come among all the aggrieved staff in this episode, not one of them thought of going to Hanssen with their concerns? Hanssen is still in charge of the hospital, isn’t he? I realise that Guy Henry may not have been available to ooze down from the upper floors to re-calibrate Mr Strachan’s moral compass because he’s busy in Borehamwood, but surely someone should at least have mentioned him as an option? 

Meanwhile, promiscuous paramedic Jez has apparently been “seeing” Stroppy Louise, but this week he was also “seeing” a young man called Kalen (Percelle Ascott). Who happened to be the son of… Elle Gardner. Oops. This resulted in Jez exiting the Gardner house via the drainpipe, and being lucky not to end up as this week’s Accident o’the Week. Elle took about thirty seconds to adjust to the idea that her son wasn’t just having sex, but he was having sex with a man and not the expected girl, and the man was Jez. Presumably she doesn’t know that Jez will quite literally have sex with anything with a pulse (even Isaac Mayfield), or she wouldn’t have been quite so nice to him. Louise wasn’t nice to him. This is what happens when you mess with Louise – retribution is decisive and painful. It brought tears to his eyes.

Accident o’the Week was fairly low key. It involved arson and a roof collapse (standard), but nobody got trapped. Sadly a police officer was killed, and her colleague extracted a confession from the arsonist by slightly dubious but morally justified means.


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7 responses to “Casualty: You’ve already met my mother

  1. thebigmart

    Sam Strachan is Director of Nursing (or something similar!). He came to the job, without it being advertised (or we never knew one was about to be appointed). Not sure if he is replacing anyone, but seems to be Seniior to Connie. He is receiving orders from the Board to make budget cuts, which involves reducing the number of staff.

  2. Maria Thomas

    Casualty is awful at present & has been poor for some time now. I only watch it every 3 or 4 weeks.
    The whole programme needs a complete clear out of pointless & unlikeable characters. Aside from Dylan, Lily & Connie (if they change her back to “Holby City” Connie!) I would get rid of all of them with Robin & Louise to go first!

  3. HELEN

    Thanks Sue. You’re dead-right that there should be more cross-over-mentions of Hanssen (and others) – from both programs . Do you think there is some legal thing about not mentioning each others characters unless the actor is paid to appear?

    • No, there isn’t any legal problem with mentioning the characters from the other show. There are practical difficulties involved with crossover appearances from the actors, which is why it doesn’t happen more often.

      • thebigmart

        Do you know if there was a reason they film Casualty in Wales and Holby in Borehamwood? Wouldn’t it have made it easier for them both to have been filmed in the same place – also easier for crossover appearances.

      • At the time Holby started, Casualty was filmed in Bristol. I imagine they decided to use the BBC Elstree studio because of the space available at Neptune House for the ward sets, but I’m not sure – I’ll try to find out!

  4. I think Sam’s been appointed as Medical Director, and I’m glad somebody else has made the comparison between him and Max Tyler, I thought exactly the same thing when watching the episode…

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