Holby City: Fightback

(Series 19, ep. 27) I always felt that the only possible satisfying conclusion of the Dominic/Isaac storyline would be for Dominic to find the strength to be the one to finally end it. I know that’s a very big ask for someone in an abusive relationship – Isaac has systematically undermined and isolated Dominic, making him doubt the reality of events and overlaying them with a twisted version (“That’s what grown-up love is… It’s scary”). Help was always going to be needed, and powerful help arrived this week in the form of Zosia, Essie, Sacha, Hanssen and Dominic’s old flame, Kyle (Alan Morrissey). With his gentle, loving, no-bullshit personality, Kyle was the perfect person to once again see through the fictions that Dominic creates. Hanssen said at the end that he regretted not acting sooner and more decisively, but actually his intervention was well-judged – he’d worked the situation out for himself but tried to empower Dominic to get help for himself. 

The scene on the staircase just before Dominic fell was sickeningly tense (particularly if you’d seen any preview clips). You should never have a fight right at the top of a staircase. Dominic’s nasty facial injuries were caused by an accidental fall, and there was a risk that Isaac would escape blame yet again. But Kyle and his partner (Daniel Abbott) had reminded Dominic of who he used to be – and still was, behind the fear. Hanssen said that his X-rays showed old injuries – and finally Dominic stood up to Isaac. “You targeted me and wore me down,” he said. “You’re a coward, Isaac. You’re the one who’s broken.”

I absolutely loved the final scene. Dominic told Hanssen there was someone he needed to talk to, and it was always going to be Arthur Digby. The story started with Digby, really. It was the loneliness and vulnerability of Dominic after Arthur’s death that made him easy prey for Isaac. His words at the graveside, “I have to look after myself now” showed that he isn’t the same person he was when Isaac first came along. I hope it won’t be long before he gets his fabulous mojo back, but I think we’re going to see a more mature Dominic Copeland from now on.

AAU, meanwhile, was a huge cauldron of vomit. A nasty bug was doing the rounds of Holby’s many care facilities, and the puking victims all ended up on the ward where you should never wear any shoes that you can’t pop under the tap to clean. This brought an agency nurse, Sydney Somers (Gemma Oaten) into Fletch’s orbit. She was feisty, stroppy and very good at calming distressed patients. Quite the fit for AAU thought Fletch, and had her CV sent over. This was when he discovered that she was actually the daughter of Artem, the man who left all his money to Fletch. He told her exactly what he thought of her behaviour towards her dying (now dead) father, and she responded that thanks to Fletch’s sanctimonious attitude she was now going to take him for every penny he’s got. And I wouldn’t bet against her either – Hard. As. Nails. Surely the Fletchlings aren’t going to be thrown back into poverty just as they’re getting used to branded goods again?

On Darwin we had the glorious sight of Jac and Jasmine together again. Together in the sense of being in the same room, at least. Jasmine would love a relationship with Jac, but Jac still can’t bring herself to trust anyone with the surname Burrows. Recent events with Serena show that Jac isn’t as closed-off about her sister as she makes out, though. She’s keeping an eye on her – but it’s the corner of her eye, while she pretends she’s looking elsewhere. It’s all very interesting to watch.

Extra! Watch a video about how they did the prosthetics for Dominic’s face here. And if you still haven’t heard about the forthcoming, totally official Holby City book (which I’m writing), there’s more about that here.


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11 responses to “Holby City: Fightback

  1. As a lone twin myself I also liked the little storyline about the woman with the double heart beat…her feelings of loss touched on something not always considered as valid.

  2. I thought it was interesting how the use of characters who aren’t on the show anymore (or taking a sabbatical) had a strong presence in the story lines.

  3. mrssatan

    I guessed at the beginning that it was Henrik who left the leaflet in Dom’s locker… lovely scenes between David Ames and Guy Henry…

    I have one (slight) issue with the falling down the stairs… no way would those injuries be immediately that pronounced…

  4. Jenny BG

    I had to stop watching Holby because I found the Dom/Isaac storyline to hard to watch. I hope it is concluded now, although I’m sure Dom will have inner turmoil for some time I fear. Hopefully I can start watching again.

  5. Joyce Taylor

    why does the memory of Arthur linger so strongly? That last scene was so touching and beautiful,He was so loved I cried all over again ! lovely episode!

    • Collins1965

      Because he was very very special. Much loved and very much missed. I love how both Dom and Zosia continue to honour his memory and the love they had for him. It makes me cry every time, did again last night. I lost a friend in a riding accident aged 27 and I still love her and miss her now 25 years later.

      • HELEN

        Yes! when the ‘Good Die Young’ they leave a very strong trace in those that remain. I too lost a friend – she was Good, and way-too young.

  6. My overwhelming feeling at the end was a HUGE sense of relief that Dominic is ok; Isaac has got his comeuppance (Hope so anyway) and that Hanssen came good as did, of course, Sascha. The scriptwriters and actors all deserve an award for making this storyline so credible.

  7. Emma Sophie Jennings

    Holby city was good love jac naylor she is funny I feel sorry for jasmine getting picked on she’ll make a good doctor and I feel sorry for Dom the way he’s been badly hurt good on you zosha

  8. Dot D

    I’ve been shouting at the screen for weeks urging Dom to wake up and see him for what he was. Thank goodness the scriptwriters have brought it to a conclusion. It gives hope to others in an abusive relationship and maybe they will find the strength to fight back with positivity

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