Holby City: He’s not your egg cup

(Series 19, ep. 25) Thank goodness for Ollie and Zosia and their little misunderstanding (did he sleep with Jasmine? Of course not. They didn’t even cuddle). It was soon sorted out, and he proposed to her in the grey area between the car park and the Linden Cullen Memorial Shrubbery, with a Haribo ring. Sweets for the sweet! It was adorable and happy.

Earlier Matteo, speaking of a patient but also speaking Ollie’s brains, said that “Every egg has their egg cup.” Ollie might have found his egg cup, but Dominic sooo hasn’t found his. Isaac’s nastiness has escalated through low-level bullying to more sophisticated bullying, via infidelity and cruel/immoral/unethical behaviour with a man who became a patient – and has now turned into outright violence. The beating that he gave Dominic at the end of the episode was horrible to watch. Once again Marc Elliott played the iron fist in the velvet glove role of Isaac perfectly. 

Isaac’s nastiness is finally beginning to leak out further than Dominic. Zosia is certainly aware of it, and Hanssen this week was on Team Dominic, as Dominic still strives to do the right thing for his patients. The scene in the operating theatre where Hanssen gave Dominic a gentle pep talk was lovely. This kind of thing is likely to be of most use to him, because he’s going to have to stand up to Isaac on his own in the end and he needs all the cheerleaders he can get. Until we reach that point, though, it’s absolutely brutal viewing.

Speaking of which, Catherine Russell and Lucinda Dryzek were also busy putting us through the emotional wringer on AAU. In a gobsmacking twist of events, Serena discovered that patient Jo (Cath Whitefield) was the recipient of Elinor’s heart. Her need to hear Elinor’s heart beating was understandable and so sad, even though her behaviour seemed a bit weird to people who didn’t know what was going on.

The scene in the operating theatre as Jo died, and Serena was forced to endure her daughter’s heart stopping beating for the final time – oh my lord. It was a visceral portrayal of grief, and Jasmine’s eyes above her surgical mask, brimming with tears and wide in sympathy and sadness, and Matteo gently moving Serena away from the operating table made it such a powerful scene.

Jason was back this week, and his straightforward approach to grieving for Elinor worked beautifully. He wanted to visit Elinor’s grave, and Serena admitted she hadn’t been there herself yet. “Then we can cry together later,” he said. He might have to prepare himself for a lot of crying – I think poor Serena has only just started.


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9 responses to “Holby City: He’s not your egg cup

  1. holbybunners

    Well I think we can all agree we hate Isaac? Run Dominic run .. away from a man who apart from bullying you will do ANYTHING to protect his career and reputation .. even to the detriment of a patients health.

    I feel sorry for Jasmine – but maybe she should not try to give advice so readily? I know she meant it for the best but when she was telling Serena that she should take comfort in the fact that her daughters heart was beating in someone else’s body I just said “Nooooooooo!!”

    Great review .. as usual ..

  2. HolbyNut

    Great episode and as you say, thank goodness for Zollie to add a bit of happiness as the rest was pretty grim. Think it’s only going to get worse for Dom before it gets better and my heart breaks for both Serena and Jasmine.

  3. This might be a stupid question but did we ever find out why Hansen came back after leaving in 2013? I’d be really interested to know, thanks. Great review however I expect nothing less

  4. I’ve just watched this tonight, stood watching it in the kitchen with tears in my eyes. After the credits rolled I looked at the palms of my hands and the nail marks I had left there as I was clenching my fists so hard. Even my husband, who barely tolerates my holby habit, said “well that Isaac wants a good tw*tting, doesn’t he?”

    Darling I couldn’t agree more.

  5. shoequeen

    I normally love your reviews of Holby but I am concerned at your lack of understanding of the domestic abuse storyline between Dominic and Isaac. The very language you use downplays what is actually happening. Examples in this review include “nastiness”, “sophisticated bullying”, “cruel/immoral/unethical behaviour”, “outright violence”. The scriptwriters have done an excellent job of researching domestic abuse and have written the perfect script following the real life script that many abusers follow. However their script is very hastened for dramatic purposes. Domestic abuse is a series of escalating deliberate acts, often lasting for years. The law has now been changed to include emotional, financial, sexual and violent abuse. So nastiness, sophisticated, unethical, outright are not really describing this properly. People struggle with the idea of domestic abuse if it is not violence but they shouldnt. What we see here is Isaac controlling Dominic by many means.

    • Thank you for your comments, shoequeen. I agree with every word you say about the excellent job the scriptwriters are doing on this story, and I’m sorry if you felt I was trivialising domestic abuse. I certainly didn’t mean to, and I really don’t think I was. I’ve mentioned the different ways Isaac controls Dominic repeatedly each time it’s happened https://pauseliveaction.wordpress.com/2017/02/01/holby-city-bleak-hospital/
      for example, but also at other times in the story. In this review I was trying to show how this has escalated, to a point where there was actual violence this week. This isn’t to say that any of the other controlling behaviour was less devastating to Dominic and was in any way acceptable. At the beginning of this storyline I had to deliberately downplay it a bit, because I knew from the Holby producers which way it was going to go, but obviously couldn’t give any spoilers. The storyline has been incredibly hard to watch and I give full credit to the writers and to David Ames and Marc Elliott for doing a brilliant job and telling a very important story.

  6. ColbyHity

    While I pretend I don’t get too emotionally attached to any of the characters in Holby I did find myself punching the air when we had a happy ending with Zollie.

  7. Andrew P

    Am I the only one who glances at the clock, sees it’s 840, and thinks “Oh no, another episode where we’re not going to see Dom saved, and in which there is still plenty of time for things to get worse!”?

  8. Sirena

    I loved this episode even though it was an emotional roller-coaster. Isaac is not only showing his true colours he’s also showing how truly dangerous and controlling he is. A few times Isaac is willing to put patients lives at risk the cage fighter, the patient he was working on with Zosia, and this weeks singing patient, he is a true narcissist with a God like complex. Now add the situation with Dom and he really is a piece of work and I hope that the story sees Isaac being hurled out of medicine completely and that is where I think Hanssen comes in. I don’t think Hanssen will save Dom he knows something is wrong he’s known Dom a long time and must of picked up on the personality changes and he is bolstering Dom’s confidence but he can’t do anything else because he his boss and walks a fine line he needs proof or for Dom to speak up. He is watching what Isaac does in professional matters and he’s waiting for him to really slip up he’s seen signs and he will come down on him like a ton of bricks. I think Zosia, Essie and Sasha that will be the ones to really help Dom they know him best and they are the ones Dom trusts. Sorry about the length of the post but this storyline is so well done and the actors are turning is Stella performances and they deserve the Kudos. On a last note I love the scenes with Hanssen and Dom its so sweet and to see them go from mutual loathing to respect and even banter (who would of thought Hanssen was a fan of the hurt locker). Please keep up the reviews they are fantastic.

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