Holby City: Lock up your handbag!

(Series 19, ep. 24) If you’ve been knitting ickle baby things since last week, put away your knitting needles right now. Baby Zollie isn’t going to be happening any time in the near future, it seems. Being cautious about knitting was only the second lesson to be learned from the Darwin story line, though. Lesson one was to never leave your handbag carelessly stowed behind the nurses’ station (particularly as Darwin has no nurses to keep an eye on it).

Last week Zosia stood up to Isaac because she knows he hasn’t been treating Dominic well (this is an understatement, and it looks like things are about to get a lot worse). So Isaac set about eliminating that particular threat by messing things up between Ollie and Zosia, and when he discovered she’d apparently taken pills to end her pregnancy (after he rummaged in the aforementioned handbag for evidence), he had the ammunition. 

Isaac was on Darwin helping to deal with a patient who had tumours on his kidneys and his lungs, so Zosia was forced to work with him. It also gave him plenty of opportunity to wind Ollie up.

Poor Ollie – his face when he briefly pondered what it would be like to have a little Zosia or a little Ollie running around. Let’s face it, it would have been the world’s most beautiful child with that genetic inheritance (unless it took after its Granddad Selfie). But now everything is a mess. Ollie doesn’t blame Zosia for her decision (or maybe just a little bit), but he does blame her for not involving him in the decision. So Isaac has succeeded in giving Zosia more to worry about than Dom. Nasty, nasty man.

From a nasty man to a very nice man now – Sacha Jacob Levy. Jacob is his middle name, you know, though it could also be “Understanding.” He does try to be understanding with Essie, especially as the poor love sounded like she had quite a sore throat in this episode. But even Sacha had to use his firm voice (“and I hate to do that”) when Essie brought in a friend of Parker’s who turned out to have a whole heap of problems. Essie displays errors of judgement that would have more junior members of staff hauled into Hanssen’s office for a telling off, but she gets away with it because everybody thinks she’s lovely and there are only two speaking nurses in the entire hospital (apart from the ED) so you have to treat them well.

The other nurse is, of course, Fletch. It’s been a while since we’ve seen any of the Fletchlings, but Evie appeared in this episode trying to avoid going to a ‘sport camp’ (so with her on that one). Evie, who lost her mother, bonded with Serena, who recently lost her daughter, and it was really lovely and sad. Evie said she sometimes texts her mum when she’s missing her, and we saw Serena send a goodnight text to Elinor. This brought tears to my eyes because I text PLA Jr (away at uni) every night to say goodnight. Poor Serena.

Next time: More trauma for Serena and Dominic. And Ollie makes a decision.


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5 responses to “Holby City: Lock up your handbag!

  1. wiggles

    That text thing almost broke me too and made me remember Adam continually phoning Rachel’s mobile phone in the episode of ‘Cold Feet’ when they were going to scatter her ashes.

    And that Isaac is just brilliantly evil – I think even slightly worse than Pierce on ‘Emmerdale’ at the moment

  2. Wonderful review as always

  3. Marilyn

    Evie & Serena going shopping….nice.Where was Raff this week?

  4. shoequeen

    The sadness for me this week was Zosia cutting Dom off. It showed her lack of understanding of how an abused victim can really struggle to break away and need their friends to be there. Let’s hope she changes her mind, and soon. PS when you next see the Holby City writers please tell them they deserve awards for the Dom/Isaac storyline. It is very accurate – their research is very good.

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