Holby City: The one with the mangoes

(Series 19, ep. 23) What a cracker of an episode. It had hangovers. It had fruit-based plot devices. It had some seriously nasty stuff from Isaac. And it had some top quality Henrik Hanssen looming and one-liners.

After a night of heavy drinking, Dominic woke up in the on-call room with a mango. Meanwhile Isaac had been “partying” with someone called Jamie (Benjamin Wainwright)who’d been at Albie’s the night before. Dominic only found out about this because Jamie was brought to Keller as a patient, suffering from the after effects of alcohol and drugs. He was brought from the ED, and when Noel off of Casualty popped up to return his wallet, he  told Dominic that Jamie had been dumped in the ED by a man. And, by coincidence, it was That Man Sitting Over There – Isaac Mayfield. 

The extent of Isaac’s nastiness is already clear to the audience (though he continues to get worse), and it’s becoming clear to people in Holby too. Zosia has marked his card already (hurrah!), but she has other things on her mind (more of which later). For me the most chilling line was when Isaac said to Dominic, “You’re still in training. This is how we learn.” He was speaking of medical things, but there was such a threatening undercurrent to it.

Every time it looks as though Isaac has pushed Dominic far enough to make him get out of the relationship, he manages to reel him back in. And every time Dominic looks more defeated and diminished. I’m rather worried to see where this story will go next.

The Keller Hanssen Loom involved him swishing back the curtains as Dominic and Zosia were having a quick chat in a cubicle. “Junior doctor hide and seek!” Hanssen was also making his presence felt on Darwin, where he rather magnificently fronted out a patient who was intent on suing Matteo, Zosia, or anybody who would keep still long enough to let themselves be sued. He also loomed beautifully on the roof, where Zosia had gone for a think. “You share my fondness for restricted areas, I see,” he told her. I loved that he was sitting all tidily in a shady spot with a flask of tea (or other beverage). He is always so neat with food. I also love that he offered himself as a listening ear if Zosia ever needs one.

The reason Zosia needed a bit of a think and a ponder of the panoramic view of Borehamwood was that she discovered she’s pregnant, and in typical soap fashion, every time she tried to tell Ollie he was distracted by something else. One of the things he was distracted by was the message he’d left on Hanssen’s phone in the wee small hours while he was drunk. Hanssen didn’t mind all that much being confuzzled with 90’s pop sensations Hanson, but he hoped that next time Ollie texted him he’d choose “Lyrics that are a little more profound than ‘MMMBop.’” The way he said “MMMBop” was just cherishable.

It seems I was right last week when I guessed that Jasmine had started messaging Morven as “Nathan” to cheer her up, but then couldn’t find a way to stop when Morven became really attached to “him.” This week Fletch found out, and advised Jasmine to tell Morven the truth. “You’re one step away from double dating Bernie and Serena,” he said. Morven guessed what was going on anyway, partly due to yet another mango that Jasmine had acquired (don’t ask). She now thinks that Jasmine has “deep issues” and wants her to move out of their flat.

And the scene in which Jasmine had to intubate the patient in the AAU trauma bay? I was there when it was filmed! I’ll tell you what that was like in the official BBC Holby book.


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10 responses to “Holby City: The one with the mangoes

  1. fredpipes

    Shouldn’t that be Nathan not Ethan?

  2. There is some brilliant dialogue in this programme and it keeps getting better. Not sure about the changes in Hanssen’s personality, but it could just be that we are seeing more of the person behind “the loom” as he has been so buttoned up for so long.

    The Dominic/Isaac storyline is uncomfortable watching as we watch Rob -sorry, Isaac, slowly, insidiously, destroying Dominic. Every time I think Dom is getting away, Isaac reels him back in, but it was obvious last night that he still has very real doubts about continuing the relationship.

    • Sirena

      I think Hanssen was so buttoned up because of his depression and OCD, he had to have everything in order. From the beginning it was noted that he couldn’t stand chaos, now he’s facing that he has a problem and is probably having some sort of cognitive therapy he’s starting to relax more.

  3. mrssatan

    I love that they are giving HH more to do… he is the Sublime Master of the Loom… and his one liners are perfection (cat is not so keen, I shrieked at the MMMBop and he took up Parkour!).

    I have also taken to screaming at Dom and cursing Issac…

    “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to decieve”

    Get out Dom before he destroys you.

  4. Sirena

    I have seen various messages from people who will stop watching because of Isaac or wishing it would end because its dragging. I hate Isaac my husband actually laughs at me because he riles me up so much that I could punch him (I am not a violent Person), but I understand why its slowly unfolding and why they are showing this storyline. Abusive relationships usually start with slow manipulation, isolating the person from friends and family, then the gaslighting and emotional manipulation which we are seeing and for the finale this is going to get violent we saw that in the spring trailer. Marc Cooper is doing a fantastic job of making us hate him as we should he’s sly, clever and oh so dangerous that you actually fear what might happen and to those who say Dom should grow a backbone, that’s so easy to say when your on the outside looking in. I loved that the cracks are starting to show that Isaac does slip up and people are seeing it, Zosia’s fixed smile and threat to be there every time was fantastic. On a lighter note my favourite person and dream boss, was having a fantastic episode I love the one liners and the fact that though he is funny and caring he can still stare down a sociopath lawyer (I thought all lawyers were sociopath’s) without even breaking a sweat it was beautifully done. I laughed out loud and spilt my tea when he was talking about Hansen and MMbop. Thank you for the reviews I look forward to them each week.

  5. Marilyn

    ” I WRITE MY OWN MATERIAL DR COPELAND.” HH. Legend. You.4got that one.

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