Holby City: Fighting the right fight at the right time

(Series 19, ep. 22) Jac and Jasmine seem like chalk and cheese, but it was no coincidence that the day of this episode was supposed to be their mother’s birthday. The legacy of Paula lives on in both of them. They both push themselves ridiculously hard in order to prove that they’re worth love, or respect or – well, just worth their place in the world. In Jac’s case she has a core of steel and the independence borne of having to more or less bring herself up. Jasmine, who had a lot more contact with the toxic Paula, tries hard both in work and (unlike Jac) to get people to like her, makes some bad decisions due to her inexperience, and then blunders on into more mistakes. It just occurred to me that what a person like that needs in a mentor is someone calm, wise and relaxed. Someone like Elliot Hope. 

What she really doesn’t need is a mentor who’s going through the toughest time of her life and is acting out her grief all over the place. Serena and Jasmine are, as Bernie and Jac pointed out in this episode, a terrible mis-match at the moment, each making the other’s situation worse without meaning to.

This was compounded by a spot of blackmail from the nasty Alex Lambert, back as a patient’s brother and almost as horrible and manipulative as Isaac (from whom we had a rest this week). Poor Jasmine is a total wreck. But what’s going on with her and Morven? Is Jasmine really “Nathan,” the man Morven believes she met on a dating site? Is she catfishing Morven? Is it that something that started out to prop up Morven’s confidence on the dating scene has now turned into an emotional crutch for Jasmine? 

On Keller we were treated to a magnificent new manoeuvre from  Hanssen – the Seated Loom. He materialised in the staff room as Essie sat down at the table and noticed she had Parker’s lunch instead of her own. We were then treated to Hanssen’s reaction to tomatoes (which he’s previously said he only likes in soup because “a tomato pulverized is a tomato punished”). “What are you doing here?” Sacha asked him. “Spying,” said Hanssen.

Essie found last time she looked after Parker that he was a bit of a mixed blessing, and she found the same this time. Not only does he get into fights at school and turn up his nose at quinoa, but he also stole from her purse. She hadn’t helped the situation by not being honest with him about Kim being in jail.

On Darwin, Ollie was being all zen about letting go of his grudge against Jac for dumping his research project in favour of the Digby Naylor Stent. It didn’t last long.


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5 responses to “Holby City: Fighting the right fight at the right time

  1. mrssatan

    The divine HH was channelling my best mate last night… someone from Holby must have sat near us one night when we were out for dinner because HH’s comment about tomatoes was verbatim what she says (she had a traumatic experience at boarding school; boiled tomatoes with maggots floating in the mix 🤢)… Essie should be grateful that HH didn’t find any tomatoes in his biscuit, if my best mate finds them they get thrown on my plate!!!

  2. HolbyNut

    Great wee episode.
    Jasmine is very good actually – I could really feel her exhaustion / accident waiting to happen!
    And yes the Morven/Jasmine/Nathan thing is very weird and will no doubt blow up in their faces. Shame as I liked the friendship between Morven and Jasmine – it’ll hardly survive this one!

  3. Donnty

    Fantastic episode! Everyone tipping melodrama but in a good way! Jasmine/Lucy is one of the most believable characters they’ve had in a while. Finally a realistic portrayal of a junior doctor under pressure.
    Enjoying Essie and the Parker story but Raf is an unnecessary aspect I feel – what exactly is the point of him in the story?
    Hanssen gets more camp by the week!

    • I’m guessing it has something to do with the fact that their both drawn together by their desire to have children – but neither of them can do so naturally, so they both want to feel like some kind of parent to Parker… That or it’s the writer’s way of suggesting that they’ll get together at some point…

  4. shoequeen

    HH reply to Sasha was the line of the evening! Sad about the Jasmine-Morven twist. I like seeing the friendships develop and post-the Amrthur, Zoshia Dom flat share there hasnt been a lot of chance to put a home setting in the show.

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