Holby City: What doesn’t kill you

holby-serena(Series 19, ep. 21) There was ninja-level acting in AAU this week, as Serena’s “what doesn’t kill you makes you a better F1” mentoring of Jasmine reached critical point. Catherine Russell showed yet again what a great range she has as an actor – there was no sign of cheeky, Shiraz-swilling Serena as grief for her daughter has made her more angry, upset and confused than she knows how to deal with. Some of her scenes were heartbreaking – especially the little moment when she looked at her sleeping patient and you knew she was picturing Elinor, her meltdown in front of all the staff and her speech to the counsellor at the end.

Lucinda Dryzek has also been excellent in this storyline. Jasmine’s whole body language has changed – she’s tired, worn down, stressed out. But you never lose the feeling of who she essentially is – the perky, lively, optimistic person who seems to be the opposite of her sister. 

holby-jasmine-jacSpeaking of her sister, we haven’t seen Jasmine and Jac together that much recently, but a brief encounter between them in this episode led to Jac alerting Hanssen that Serena’s behaviour to her sister was unreasonable. This was good in all sorts of ways – finally Serena had to own up to how she was feeling, and also it opens up possibilities for how the Jac/Jasmine relationship might progress in the future.

Jac’s other relationship, with Matteo, looked like it was going well following their weekend away. Jac even kissed him in Pulses (not a euphemism). Then Matteo mentioned meeting Emma, and Jac immediately put the shutters down. “Not exactly Ross and Rachel, are they?” Oliver Valentine observed. But it seems that Matteo has A Secret. Well, it wouldn’t be Holby if he didn’t have at least one, and those who’ve seen the recent casting news may have an inkling about what it is. Hanssen certainly seems to have an inkling, and he warned Matteo off, saying, “Lies have a way of catching up with you.” Hanssen was being quite the mother hen with his chicks this week, wasn’t he? So just as Jac was about to let Matteo meet Emma, he pulled back from her.

Love was not going smoothly for Raf, a man who is too nice for his own good. Indeed, I might even go as far as to call him gullible. Yes, I am going to go that far. Anyone with eyeballs could see that Kim (Louisa Clein) was trouble, and I don’t think many people believed that her twins were his, what with his rubbish sperm and the way she got a bit flustered about the date of conception. So it was no huge surprise when a patient (Rene Zagger) said that he was the twins’ father. He hadn’t been a patient when the conception happened, I hasten to add. He’d been an accountant. It all came as a surprise to Raf, who’d been busy looking at houses with Kim. He was even considering transferring to The Mythical St James’s to be nearer to Parker’s school.

When the truth came out that Kim was (gasp) a con artist, Raf called the police. She evaded capture, but paused long enough to write a note for Essie asking her to look after Parker, thus ensuring that at least someone gets an ongoing storyline out of all this.


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9 responses to “Holby City: What doesn’t kill you

  1. June Price

    Great as ever, Sue. Henrik was so good with Serena. Although her bullying of poor Jaz was awful, Serena needs help to come to terms with terrible loss. As for RAF, loved your ‘rubbish sperm!’

  2. Sirena

    My heart broke for Serena and it was tough to watch, but I also felt for poor Jasmine. I didn’t like her when she arrived I thought she was shallow and a little devious but as the weeks have gone on I’ve like her more cause you realise she has a lot of baggage. She has this constant need to please people cause she wants to be like Jac to be as good as her. This has got her into trouble and she’s just gone from pillar to post with strong characters like Serena, Tristan Wood and Jac pretty much bullying her and piling on the pressure (though Jac has softened slightly). I loved Hanssen because though he comes across as cold and calculated at times he is also the fairest character in Holby protects those who need it and supports others even when they are clearly in the wrong. I love your reviews and slightly sarcastic tone when it comes to slightly silly stories (Ahem Raf and Kim).

  3. I was in tears with Serena and Jasmine, so moving.
    BTW Where’s Ric?

  4. Good to see Hanssen firmly in charge of the Moral Compass!

  5. Donnty

    Catherine and Lucy are superb! A friend of mine saw Catherine in What the Butler Saw and reccomends it wholeheartedly for anyone in need of a good belly laugh (and with the state of the world as it is at the moment who doesn’t need that?!) Unfortunately my friend was sitting next to two overly enthusiastic Serena fans who mumbled between themselves through the entire play and even snapped a photo on their phones!
    I like the AAU configuration of Serena, Morven, Jasmine and Fletch – can we lose Bernie and Raf permanently?

    • RDHmum

      Agree that Catherine and Lucy were both brilliant in this episode but I’m still over Serena at the moment and looking forward to a break. Glad her play is doing well, but I question her raving on so much about getting gifts from fans. I say this because she seems to have quite a large following of younger/teenage fans and I became aware yesterday of two young girls who’ve saved a significant amount of money to buy her gifts (including wine which they cannot legally buy). It seems to have become almost a competition to send Catherine gifts and get a mention on Twitter. I would have thought BBC would have rules about this but I suppose she isn’t technically employed by them at the moment so it relies on her own judgement.