Holby City: The scary shouty lady and the frankly terrifying man

isaac-holby(Series 19, ep. 20) Imagine the scene. You have a cage fighter with anger management issues and a grudge, trapped in a lift with one of Holby’s premier surgeons. And the cage fighter is not the scary one.

Marc Elliott was absolutely mesmerising in this episode. From almost the first scene, when he saw Dominic talking to another man (the cage fighter, Adam, who was a patient) when he’d said on the phone he was with Zosia, Isaac Mayfield was in A Very Bad Mood Indeed.  Dominic was the obvious target of his wrath, but in provoking Adam, who was already angry and frightened and embarrassed about his planned surgery (for breast cancer), Isaac demonstrated that he’s even more dangerous than we thought. He has an unnerving understanding of psychology and how to press people’s buttons, which he chooses to use to needle people and exert power over them. In the scene in the lift, Yinka Awoni as Adam was also brilliant. It was one of those scenes where I hardly remembered to breathe. 

isaac-holby-cityAnother scene like that came towards the end. Dominic had finally realised that Isaac was no good for him and the relationship was messed up, and he tried to finish things – but then instantly seemed disappointed when Isaac agreed with him rather than objecting. Then Isaac played Dominic like a fish on a hook, knowing that the best way to draw him close again was to try and seem vulnerable himself. This scene was even more intense than the lift scene, with the camera focused tightly on Isaac’s face for a lot of the time as he told Dominic about his experiences of abuse as a child. I knew before he did it that he was going to use the story Adam had told him in the lift about his father hanging a belt on the end of the bed, and pass it off as something that happened to him – but it was still shocking when it came. And poor Dominic believed every word. That this behaviour was something that Dominic used to do himself back in his “Psycho-Dom” days was quite interesting – but I’m very, very worried for our Dazzle. With any luck, Hanssen, who loomed rather grandly at certain points and seems to have picked up that Isaac is a bit “off” will be a protector when Dominic needs one.

serena-holbyAAU patient o’ the week, Frankie (Ayoola Smart), dubbed Serena Campbell “the scary, shouty lady,” and that’s what she was throughout the episode. This was mainly directed at Jasmine, who is still being mentored till she squeaks. Morven tried to intervene and stick up for her, which I thought was very brave. I liked the way Morven and Jasmine were sticking together.

mr-t-mo-holbyThank heavens for Mo and Mr T, who despite baby Hector presenting with possible meningitis (what soap baby has ever escaped childhood without a meningitis scare?) provided some much-needed comedy. They were helped by guest Debra Stephenson as an outrageously dreadful yummy-mummy. I will treasure the memory of Mr T singing ‘I do like to be beside the seaside’ to Hector via the baby monitor in the middle of an operating theatre for quite some time.

Want to know about the man who makes Holby sound like Holby? And the people who made that revolting corset piercing on Frankie’s back? You’ll need the official BBC Holby book, out later this year


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12 responses to “Holby City: The scary shouty lady and the frankly terrifying man

  1. I loved this episode and I think Hanssen can see right through Issac but I can’t help but feel hanssens come back with a different feel however I love him just the same

  2. I only realised that I was holding my breath whilst Isaac was playing Dom like a cat plays with a mouse, when I suddenly, unthinkingly, yelled at Isaac and it came out as a squeak. In every episode recently, I am wondering if Rob Titchener (The Archers) really did go to Minnesota, or if he is really impersonating a surgeon in Holby.

    • The parallels between Rob from The Archers and Isaac are striking aren’t they?! That whole storyline creeped me out and you couldn’t even see Rob. It’s even worse being able to watch Isaac’s face as he manipulates poor Dom 😦

  3. Sirena

    I think Hanssen has heard snippets of conversation, seen some of Isaacs behaviour and Dom’s constant apologies and clocked that something isn’t quite right. Unfortunately I don’t he can do anything unless he catches Isaac doing something he shouldn’t or Dom makes a complaint. I hope Isaac trips up and Hanssen catches him and we see a glimpse of early Hanssen who was fairly frightening and had could manipulate people with the best of them.

  4. Although I hate Isaac with a vengeance for what he’s doing to our Dom, he is playing the part brilliantly. Come on Hanssen, you’re the bloke to sort this out. Please make it soon. Poor Dom. Either that or bring back Dom’s mum. She’ll tell him what’s what. She’s not as daft as she seems and she loves Dom almost as much as we all do.

  5. mrssatan

    Every time they said the scary shouty lady I thought they meant me! That was (almost) my nickname when I used to work (wrangle!?!) over 500 kids for a Saturday morning cinema club – I was the scary shouty lady with big earrings!!!

    Adam had to die really, didn’t he. He saw straight through Issac and he can’t have that. I too knew that he was going to used the belt story… evil creature that he is.

    HH is in Dom’s corner. He can see what is happening; but as the moral compass of the hospital he can only guide (and perhaps manipulate) circumstances so that Dom sees Issac for what he is.

  6. Irana Wells

    In a lighter mode I loved Hector’s smile.

  7. Sarah

    That scene in the lift… Isaac is one nasty piece of work but he’s a nasty piece of work I love watching! Interesting twist having him use some of Dom’s old tricks. Hanssen has lost his bite and I doubt he’ll do anything other than loom ineffectually now and again until Dom and Isaac reach breaking point. I’d like to see Essie or Zosia reach out to Dom, Essie certainly seemed to have clocked Isaac’s behaviour.

  8. Arabella

    Eh, Dom is just experiencing karma. He did his share of evil. I haven’t forgotten what he did to Malick.

    I find Isaac fascinating. I am just sorry that it seems likely that he will leave when this story with Dom is over. Holby has its share of ruthless doctors over the years. Too bad Isaac isn’t likely be one.

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