Holby City: Little gifts of love

matteo-jac-holby(Series 19, ep. 19) Unusually for me, I’m going to start with a patient storyline. I usually whizz over them as just a backdrop to the regulars’ stories, but I really loved the Darwin story about Sandy, who was terrified of surgeons. Erin Shanagher previously appeared in an episode of Casualty in which the patient story knocked my socks off, and she was equally good here. Sandy was justifiably upset, angry and fearful about the way she’d been treated as a baby, and I liked the way her story was used to highlight aspects of Jac’s and Matteo’s personalities and relationship. 

It was Valentine’s Day, as if we would ever be allowed to forget. Darwin was full of (appropriately) heart-shaped balloons, courtesy of Mr T, but Jac wasn’t feeling the love as she’d dumped Matteo last week. But then how to resist a romantic Italian who presents you with a ticket to Rome? Jac had a good try, but between Matteo’s cheeky charm and a bit of business with Mo and a voice recorder, all was well that ended well. 

mo-jac-holbyMo and Jac are brilliant together, and I loved the scenes where Jac tried to get Mo to drive her to the airport to catch up with Matteo and then locked the car keys in the boot. Things we learned from Mo: Matteo smells “better than warm banana bread,” and Jac is like an Arctic shrew which, if it exists, must have “a very tiny, very cold heart.”

isaac-dominic-holbyA ticket to Rome is a very wonderful and thoughtful Valentine’s gift. Isaac Mayfield had also put a lot of thought into his gift for Dominic – and it was absolutely brutal. Dominic’s face as he opened the parcel was so sweet and almost childlike, and then he saw that the “gift” was a set of dumbbells and a calendar of beefy men, the subtext being that Dominic is not good enough for Isaac in his present form. I found it as shocking in its calculated ruthlessness as when Isaac stamped on Digby’s medal a while ago.

raf-holbyElsewhere on Keller, That Kim Woman was back yet again, and this time she’s pregnant with twins, which she claims are baby Rafettes. Despite Raf being previously known for having rubbish sperm, they’ve obviously perked up a bit recently. Or have they? Is Kim telling the truth? For now Raf is all smiley and excited and I can’t begrudge him that, bless him. 

serena-bernie-holbyTo AAU, where it seems that Serena has been hitting the Shiraz in a massive way to help her cope. Her mentoring of Jasmine was less sinister this week, but Jasmine tried to cover for her when Bernie found a stash of empty wine bottles, so once again Jasmine is leaping into situations with good intentions but not thinking things though. Luckily Bernie is wise and sensible and is there with a supportive hug. I just hope Serena takes her advice and gets herself some help. And I also hope Dominic and Bernie soon have one of their chats on the roof so Bernie can tell Dominic he should get the hell away from Isaac.

PS The official Holby book is coming along nicely 


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12 responses to “Holby City: Little gifts of love

  1. Christina

    I’m really not feeling the Jac and Matteo storyline at all….

  2. Thunderchild

    Raf should call Mr T for a second opinion. Twins or no twins that was one heck of a big bump for 10 weeks!

    • mrssatan

      Too true! Last time I saw a bump like that was on Angel where actress Julie Benz looked like she’d swallowed a beach ball!

  3. Berniemcg

    Reckon that Jac is out for revenge over the Digby Stent business.
    She’ll have her fun with Matteo while she’s at it.
    If he wasn’t so big headed he’d be watching his back when with her.

  4. Got to say I was a little disappointed that Hansen wasn’t in it however it was good, ps can’t wait for the book

  5. thebigmart

    I loved the ‘locked keys’ scene as well. Brilliant humour.

  6. Urgggh I the impression that Dom’s ‘gifts’ were Issac’s way of knowing where Dom is at all times. I felt like throwing the dumbells at Issac’s smug face!

  7. GG

    I feel like Isaac’s ‘gift’ is also meant to isolate Dom even more as he is encouraging him to work out at home away from other people.

  8. Anyone else watch Dom and Isaac’s scene yelling “STAB HIM IN THE EYE!!”

    Or is that just me?

    • I’m with you on that one. Maybe Dom will work so hard with the dumbbells that he’ll end up like the Incredible Hulk in scrubs and will knock Isaac’s lovely teeth out.

      …And… Relax

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