Holby City: Bleak hospital

serena-holby(Series 19, ep. 17) Ooh, but this was a dark episode. The AAU and Keller stories were difficult and gloomy, with some of our favourite characters going through horrible times, with Darwin providing a bit of welcome light relief.

It started with a Serena voice-over, sorting people into lions, lambs and shepherds. This came from an essay Elinor had been writing before she died, and later in the episode we heard it again, with both Serena’s and Elinor’s voices speaking together, which was a spooky kind of effect.

Serena was looking for someone to blame for Elinor’s death. Just like she pointed the finger at Chantelle when Adrienne had a stroke, another sunny junior was in the firing line this time – Jasmine. And, to be fair, perhaps if Jasmine had been more experienced and more mature she might have spotted that Elinor had a problem earlier. That almost isn’t the point, though. It’s more about Serena’s need for control, to impose some order on a world that’s just been turned on its head. This was underlined by the presence of recurring guest character Lexy – the vicar with the Herzig heart who seems to bob up at moments of crisis. The crisis this time was her own – her husband was involved in a car accident and later died, prompting Lexy to question her faith. She was also someone for Serena to get cross with. 

The person she’s most getting cross with is Jasmine. The final scene saw her changing the rota so Jasmine is basically her minion for the foreseeable future. Then the “lions and lambs” voice-over again: “The lion has to teach the lamb. Even if it kills them.” Jasmine had better prepare herself for being mentored within an inch of her life.

dominic-holbyThere are lions, lambs, shepherds… and wolves. Isaac Mayfield is a wolf (no offense to actual wolves). Scenes between him and Dominic were excruciatingly painful to watch. Isaac is so manipulative. He love-bombs Dominic and draws him back, then he hurts him and pushes him away and makes sure Dominic thinks it’s really his fault. It’s subtle and worrying, and Marc Elliott is playing the role perfectly – he’s sinister and frightening but oh so restrained and charming. David Ames, meanwhile, just broke my heart. Dominic’s patient was a young man who was making himself ill because he didn’t feel worthy of love. “Remind you of anyone you used to know… Dazzle?” Isaac taunted Dominic. Poor Dominic did his best to help his patient, telling him to “be fabulous,” and admitting that he still struggles with the same issues: “I’m still just an ugly duckling.” Meanwhile Isaac’s jealousy has turned from Arthur to Zosia, as she’s the person Dominic turns to when he has a problem. I just want someone feisty and parental to notice what’s going on – Essie, Ric, Bernie, Carole (or Sacha if he wasn’t struggling with his own confidence issues at the moment). It’s a toxic situation.

On Darwin, Mo was trying to encourage Ollie to propose to Zosia. It was a bit of light relief, with the bleakness elsewhere in the hospital.

A book about Holby? Yes please


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13 responses to “Holby City: Bleak hospital

  1. In fairness, Carole already has noticed there’s something wrong with Dom and Issac, she just hasn’t said anything to Dom yet… And Jasmine did spot a problem with Elinor if I remember rightly, she just couldn’t do anything about it because El wouldn’t let her, so I’m not sure the timing would have had anything to do with it… Still, you’re right, this is making for a set of very dark stories indeed…

    • I think the thing about Jasmine is that her inexperience meant she didn’t have the confidence to insist that Elinor needed more investigations. She noticed there was something off, but Elinor fobbed her off in a way that she couldn’t have done with someone like Jac.

  2. Joyce Taylor

    I think that when Elinor was examined by Jasmine,she stopped Jasmine from examining her eyes because she thought that she was fine! Could have been a big mistake!

    • Or she just told her she was because she knew that if Jasmine looked, she would know that she had been taking drugs…

      • holbybunners

        Yes quite ..

        and Jasmine KNEW Elinor had been taking drugs for she commented on it earlier .. so she did not push E into letting her look at her pupils.

        Im not an expert but I wonder too if the drugs were responsible for E’s evil mood earlier that day and consequent road accident.?

        PS Agree in spades about evil Isaac .. run Dazzle run!

  3. I was going to write an educated, rational, well-thought out response … this is it: Isaac is a git, I hate him and want to punch him in his smug, silly glasses-wearing like a right poser, face. So there. I love Dominic and want to hug him.

    • thebigmart

      Gosh, I would hate to think what an uneducated, irrational, and ill-thought out response might be like 😉

  4. HolbyNut

    Isaac is the worst kind of wolf!
    Poor Dom is a wee lost lamb.
    Agreed – painful to watch…
    On a lighter note indeed – Ollie is just so handsome – hmm, hmm, hmm. Even more so when he’s happy 🙂

  5. Maria Thomas

    Great acting in this episode I thought. I too loathe Isaac (that’s the point I suppose) I suspect he will end up making a dreadful mistake with a patient & shift the blame onto Dom. Heartbreaking to see Dom giving himself a good talking to at the start of the episode & then on his knees (literally & mentally) at the end.

  6. Thunderchild

    I hope the Serena/Jasmine story might lead to some decent Jac/Serena interaction as I think I can count on one hand the number of times they’ve ever had anything to do with each other.

    Mo didn’t seem to be in much of a rush to get home to the newborn baby she so desperately wanted did she?

  7. Isaac/Dominic keeps reminding me of Rob and Helen in The Archers. Horrible to watch 😦

  8. Mr Donnelly

    The action in this episode was obviously supposed to be taking place after that which featured in the last one of Casualty, ie. Lexy officiating at the wedding of Charlie and Duffy, even though it was broadcast first. Lexy would not have been performing this duty whilst grieving for her late husband.

  9. Marilyn Arnold

    When Elinor was filming in the ward (episode Holby City S19E12 Just Get on With It), she was pushed by a patient and hit her head on a cart. Did anybody really check out her injury, i.e. check her pupils??? Serena ask if she was okay and bandaged it, his could have been the start of the extradural brain bleed.