Holby City: Teabag of truth

mo-holby(Series 19, ep. 16) The thing that shocked me the most about this episode was finding out that the mythical HR department actually exists. We saw it! Although, thinking about it, we only saw the glossy facade and Mo never actually went in, so it could have just been a hallucination caused by sleep deprivation.

The reason Mo was hallucinating the HR department was that she and Mr T had a plan to go to Gothenburg for a year with the baby. Mo would be putting her career on hold for a life of smorgasbord and bilingual mother and baby groups.

That was never going to fly with Jac Naylor, who employed the strategy she used so effectively with Zosia – pretend someone is completely replaceable and not needed at all, until they realise that there’s no place like Holby and cancel their foolish plans. 

It seems that Mo isn’t replaceable at all, because she’s the only one who knows how to use the Effanga-Cartwright Clip. Apart from, presumably, Cartwright. She planned to use the ECC on her mate from antenatal class, Stella (Kate Robbins). Jac thought she was emotionally involved. “It’s me, come on, I’m always emotionally involved,” said Mo. 

mo-mr-t-holbyBy the end of the episode, Mo had sorted out Stella’s medical problems in a way that would have her back caring for her new baby in days rather than months, and she and Mr T had decided they didn’t want to go to Sweden after all. They did this via Mr T’s amusing idea of “The Teabag of Truth” – something along the same lines as the conch in Lord of the Flies, but with the added bonus of a refreshing hot beverage at the same timeThey also decided they didn’t like the name Charleston, so Baby MoT is henceforth to be known as Hector.

There were staff permutations elsewhere in the hospital, as Raf was back on AAU (the scrubs suit him so much better), Bernie was in charge of Keller, and Jez from Casualty was wandering about the place.

dominic-holbyJez had brought a patient, Robert (Oliver Gilbert), who was suffering from an unusual combination of ailments, including being under the thumb of a woman called Gemma. We never saw Gemma, but clearly got the impression that she was a nasty piece of work who used the fact that Robert was in love with her to manipulate him. The experienced Holby viewer will have been using this information to gaze at Isaac even more critically than usual. It transpired that Isaac had been manipulating Dominic all episode long by making him think a trip to Hawaii was dependent on Dom’s work performance that day, and Dominic had had enough. He told Isaac he wasn’t going to go to Hawaii and was going to stay with Ollie and Zosia instead. Poor Ollie and Zosia. They hardly get the place to themselves these days. Isaac’s response was to go off with Jez following a meeting at Albie’s (is this the first time a member of Casualty staff has been seen in Albie’s?). So that’s Isaac and Dom over and done with, is it? You’d hope so – our Dom can do so much better – but I can’t help thinking Isaac will just reel him straight back in.

fletch-raf-holbyOn AAU, Fletch was paying back everyone he’s ever borrowed money from, because he’s a Thoroughly Decent Bloke. Raf tore up the cheque, though, because he’s Another Thoroughly Decent Bloke.

And in other news, I love how Matteo’s Italian Stallion routine has almost become a catchphrase, like when Lola Griffin used to talk about her granny. He’ll start a sentence, “When a woman is so passionate about a subject…” and Jac will just stop him dead with a look. It’s a beautiful thing to see.

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4 responses to “Holby City: Teabag of truth

  1. HolbyNut

    Thoroughly Decent Episode all round!

  2. shoequeen

    How can you only hint at the teabag of truth and then never refer to it again. It is a genius idea! Solved many problems during this episode.

  3. Andrew P

    ” “The Teabag of Truth” – something along the same lines as the conch in Lord of the Flies, but with the added bonus of a refreshing hot beverage at the same time. ”

    That is a wonderful sentence.

    Enjoyed this episode, nice to see Mr T and Mo working things out like a relatively normal couple, amidst the mayhem elsewhere. Although speaking of couples, there was definitely some coupley body language from Jac and Matteo with the same arm folding going on… Also loved Matteo’s analogy involving mermaids – he has some brilliant lines.

    Really creepy with the whole Dom and Isaac thing – I definitely don’t think that’s over, and the thing with the paramedic was such a power play. However – how will Isaac explain that he didn’t go to Hawaii either?