Holby City: What are the chances of that?

fletch-holby(Series 19, ep. 15) There was luck for some and not so much for others in this episode. Fletch was the lucky one – he’s inherited a sum of money so large it had to be written on a piece of paper and not uttered aloud. This always happens on telly. I suppose it might be so the viewer can put their own figure on it – Noel Edmonds used to call £250,000 “a life changing sum of money” on Deal Or No Deal, and to me it would be but to Sir Paul McCartney probably not so much.

Anyway, I was squinting at the piece of paper Bernie was holding for Fletch and I thought it said £75,000, but whatever it was, it’s hopefully enough to stop Fletch having to get involved in crime in the future. It’s definitely enough to get new shoes for Mikey and his siblings, and possibly enough to enable them to move out of Di Lucca Towers. Who knows what house prices are like in Wyvernshire these days? 

fletch-artem-holbyThough I started off by saying Fletch was “lucky,” it could be argued that this money has come to him as a reward for his own compassion, caring and all-round niceness. It was left to him by Artem (Nicholas Woodeson), a patient Fletch has looked after so well that he didn’t as much as glance at another bed for the whole episode, even though Bernie told him he should. I liked that Artem’s last words to Fletch before going into theatre were “Thank you, son.”

If Fletch and the Fletchlings do move out of Di Lucca Towers, I wonder if Raf will be gutted that he no longer has to worry about lunchboxes and head lice? Probably not so much now, as he has his exciting new relationship with Essie to occupy him. I’m not at all sure where that relationship is going, though, apart from upsetting Sacha.

sacha-holbyPoor Sacha. Despite having a rather magnificent new shirt (it may not be new but I don’t remember seeing it before) and accessorising it with a cardigan and a centre parting, he wasn’t looking well. In fact, he was looking all hot and sweaty. At first I blamed the cardigan, but he took that off and he was still hot. It turned out that, in his quest to reinvent himself, he’d had liposuction, which had caused an infection. The poor love, he told Jac (how I treasure scenes between Jac and Sacha) that he was lonely and his relationships never last. Jac told him that he’s “everyone’s favourite hug machine” (he is!). She told him she loved him and cheered him up with a Ronan Keating CD.

matteo-jac-holbyWhat was Jac doing with a Ronan Keating CD in her possession? Bizarrely, it was a gift to her from Matteo. Darwin patient o’ the week was Gabriel (Matt Rawle) a former university colleague of Jac’s, and she’d once had a fling with him. He called her Ginger Nut, while the other students called her Jacula. Anyway, he told Matteo that the way to Jac’s heart was white roses and Ronan Keating. As if. Matteo either has a large and embarrassing CD collection of his own or he has an Amazon Prime account, because no sooner said than done and Ronan Keating was waiting on Jac’s desk. It wasn’t this that made her kiss Matteo, though. It was his charming idea to rebrand the Digby stent (with added stem cells) the ‘Digby Naylor Stent.’ Oliver Valentine is going to be so unhappy when he discovers the “axis of evil” has also become a Thing.

In other news, we saw a quick glimpse of Serena and her furry hat. She came in to work, couldn’t cope and decided to walk home again. Bless her.


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7 responses to “Holby City: What are the chances of that?

  1. I’m with Sacha, couldn’t Essie have found someone from a different ward. Not a fan of Raf being on Keller – and why is he there when AAU is so obviously shortstaffed at the moment?
    Fletch deserves a bit of luck 🙂

  2. Gaynor

    “Jacula” best word of the night (or even Holby from day one). Gaynor.

  3. mrssatan

    Jac and Sacha are just adorable together; it’s a real brother/sister relationship

  4. shoequeen

    I missed what lovely hug machine said to so upset that patient. Can anyone enlighten me please! Fab review as always!

    • I missed it, too, and the various Holby groups on Facebook seemed to be similarly bamboozled. Whatever it was, we’re all on Team Sacha anyway 😉

      • Andrew P

        I think it was this: the patient complimented Sascha on being firm/rude with Raf, because it ‘kept him in his place and prevented him taking liberties’. Later, when the patient was having doubts about her surgery and asking Sascha a question, Sascha said that she was now taking liberties, to which she took extreme offence and completely changed her mind about the magical qualities of his surgical skills. It was a bit ‘storm in a tea cup’ but the whole thing was there to get Sascha to the point of melt-down, I guess.

      • Thanks Andrew. Definitely not something that you’d think would lead to a formal complaint, is it?