Holby City: Like something out of a Victoria Wood sketch

isaac-carole-dominic(Series 19, ep. 14) Dominic may have mainly shed his Darren days, but there’s one element he can’t escape from, and that’s his parents. His mum, the very wonderful Carole, in particular has a habit of pitching up at Holby to create her own brand of maximum maternal embarrassment for her Dazzle. But what would Isaac make of Carole and Barry? “They’re like something out of a Victoria Wood sketch,” he said. This impressed me a lot, partly because they so absolutely are, but mainly because it’s lovely to have one of my heroes name-checked on Holby, and it’s lovely to know her reach extended to seriously snobby surgeons who are not the sort of people who go to Lapland. 

dominic-holbyCarole would be very much the sort of person to go to Lapland and love every minute of it. She is also the sort of person who’ll notice things, particularly when they affect Dazzle. Though Barry might have been taken in by Isaac’s oily charm (plus you automatically feel well-disposed to someone who’s just told you you don’t have cancer), Carole was obviously very uneasy about Dominic’s new boyfriend. She knows something’s not quite right, and she wasn’t even there when Isaac was undermining Dominic in theatre.

ollie-matteo-holbyTalking of undermining, Jac did what Jac does in this episode and dropped Oliver Valentine from a great height to support a rival funding bid from Matteo (the Great Stent Thief, lest we forget). I can usually find a way to stick up for Jac in these situations, but how many times can she do this to Ollie before he gives up and applies for a transfer to The Mythical St James’s? Then Matteo had a go at kissing Jac, but she was having none of it. For now.

cameron-morven-holbyOn AAU, Cameron had a go at kissing Morven, but she was having none of it – for now. Bless her, it’s too soon after Arthur. Cameron has left to go and work in That London, which we were informed was “miles away.” This is nice and unspecific for the next time someone has to get from Holby to St Pancras or Wales in a hurry.

Bernie turned up to give Cameron a goodbye hug, and it was a specially tight and heartfelt hug given that she’s been spending the last week consoling Serena over the loss of her daughter. Cameron asked if Serena was okay and Bernie said she doubted she would ever be okay again “but she will survive.”

Line of the week – Carol (obviously): “Your father’s quite the microsexual these days.”


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5 responses to “Holby City: Like something out of a Victoria Wood sketch

  1. Is Valentine leaving? Didn’t he drink to freedom at the end of the episode?

  2. shoequeen

    Fantastic review as normal. I do await Thursday morning almost as keenly as Tuesday evening! However, I didn’t think Isaac’s comment about the Victoria Wood sketch was meant as a compliment. And Isaac is abusive not just snobby. This domestic abuse storyline is being very well written, if a little fast.

  3. Andrew P

    Finding Isaac increasingly creepy, and displaying many signs of an abusive partner. Not only the love/hate/never know where you stand thing, but also questioning a partner’s appearance and eating habits to undermine their confidence, criticising them in front of others, dividing them from their friends and family. I hope this story line doesn’t go on too long as I’m finding it very difficult to watch, although once again good work Holby for raising awareness of abuse in relationships.

  4. mrssatan

    I swear to god that Catherine Tate was channelling Jac on Room 101 tonight – the actions, the facial expressions, it was scary… she looked more like her sister than Jasmine!

  5. Fullon Antiques

    As an Archers fan, I now now what coercive control is….

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