Gilmore Girls: A Year in the life – Spring

gilmore-girlsFirstly, apologies for the massive delay in my Episode 2 write up, Christmas and a whole host of distractions got in the way but now I’m determined. Also, I think a tiny bit of me is stringing this out as I’m still in denial about the end of GG.

Spoiler warning for below this point (for Ep 2 only) 

SO, after the excitement of Winter comes the changing and tempestuous Spring, or at least that’s the metaphor I hope Palladino is going for here, for Rory is unable to spend more than 10 minutes in one location. She dashes from London to Stars Hollow, to Chiltern to New York and back again – how a woman who appears to have had one article in the New Yorker published can afford this kind of travel budget, I’ve no idea. Rory seems transient and rootless, and so too do we in this episode – the show has always had fast paced dialogue but has largely stayed within a small number of locations – Luke’s diner, Lorelai’s house, Chiltern/Harvard and Richard and Emily’s house but here were flit from place to place and just as we’re settled, off we go.

The whole episode felt like a transition, the one that is setting up for whatever the final two instalments have in store for us – which, by the way, I still haven’t watched, to ensure that I didn’t write this knowing what was to come – how’s that for dedication to PLA?

There are some joyful moments in this, all (for me at least) in Stars Hollow.

The town hall meeting is pitch perfect: “there just aren’t enough gays in Stars Hollow” being the best line of the scene and the idea of Taylor asking to borrow a neighbouring towns gay folk was GG absurdity at its best. But why were Michel and his partner not included in the (small) roll call of those residents that are gay? Does he not live in Stars Hollow? Did he ever?

The initial scene at the food fair was excellent and felt like a fans check list – no bad thing in a series revival like this – finally getting to see Mr Kim had me whooping (where HAS he been all this time? Hiding from Mrs Kim?). It did make me wonder if the Palladinos have been scanning the fan sites in the intervening years, noting down all those unanswered questions we’ve all had plenty of time to think about.

However, there was plenty that either irked or annoyed in this one:

  • River Song, I mean Naomi Shropshire is really, really annoying, I get that it is deliberate but a personal dislike of mine is when US shows I like try and add a Brit, it is always awful (Daphne’s Cockney brother in Frasier immediately springs to mind…). A shoe horned reference to Brexit didn’t help matters
  • The pointless ‘Lines’ story for a payoff about sleeping with a Wookie – why do we need a Carrie Bradshaw impression now? We’re already questioning Rory’s lifestyle, we don’t need it rammed home that it is as absurd as that of the SATC star (one column a week and she has that apartment in Manhattan, as if!)
  • Paris and Doyle – I said it last time but someone like Paris does not marry the random dweeb she met at Uni. She just doesn’t. Her house story line annoyed me, her career choices annoy me and even her melt down about a boy I could only just remember (and I watched ALL seven previous series again last year) was irritating. Her hair and outfit were however, once again, awesome
  • Luke being made to trawl round locations for his ‘Empire’ had its moments but I just felt frustrated and annoyed for Luke, although neat that Richard seems to be getting the last word, even after death
  • Slightly worried that the mention of all the A listers staying down the road in a rival Inm signals some terrible cameos in the last two episode, I really hope not

I don’t want to leave on a grump, so here are some other bits I did enjoy in this episode:

  • Petal the Pig
  • Kirk freaking out about a hog roast then making the connection between pigs and bacon
  • His absurdly brilliant short film about death (or pigs).
  • His get up for the Eraserhead screening
  • There’s a secret bar in Stars Hollow?
  • Lorelai outbidding a boy and sharing Cassie’s basket – I liked how she looked like a young Suki, I wonder if it was insurance in case Melissa McCarthy hadn’t been able to make it for the series at all
  • The irritation felt by Rory after being pursued for a year and then being expected to pitch to some start up blog – didn’t feel that exaggerated at all

Finally something Mr SarahLady noticed that I’m going to explore next time – with her transience and poor relationship choices, Rory has more of her father in her than we’ve previously seen. Let’s see if that continues next time.

Until then…

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