Casualty: Oh, Ethan. Oh, Dylan

alicia-ethan-casualty(Series 31, ep. 16) I haven’t seen Casualty for quite a while now, but dipping back into it this week it didn’t feel like I’d missed much.

The Ethan/Cal/Alicia love triangle is still a thing, with Cal well ahead at the start of the episode, but Ethan once again in the ascendant by the end. Ethan realised – for the umpteenth time – that Cal is a selfish twonk who (a) doesn’t deserve a brother as lovely as Ethan and (b) doesn’t deserve a girlfriend as lovely as Alicia. So he’s putting his own needs first. And Alicia’s needs, of course, because he’s a gentleman and he’s spotted that Alicia prefers him to Cal. This is perceptive of him, given that she’s been too polite to hurt Cal’s feelings by not kissing him in front of Ethan, because she’s sweet like that. I can’t help thinking that Ethan needs to set his romantic bar a bit higher. 

grace-casualtyMeanwhile, it was lovely to see Grace up and about, albeit in a wheelchair and unable to remember the name of her new puppy. Emily Carey played these scenes very well, I thought. Connie is being typically impatient for results and progress and so on, and is also looking for someone to blame for the fact that Grace’s recovery is taking its time. If she went and had a coffee and left Grace to get on with physio without the maternal pressure to achieve more, Grace might actually achieve more. But that’s Connie for you.

sebastian-casualtyThe other big story arc involves a new (to me) doctor called Sebastian Grayling. The last time Holby City had a Sebastian (a psychiatrist and temporary boyfriend of Dr Zosia March), I was calling him Slimy Seb. This Grayling person seems pretty slimy too. Where’s a nice Sebastian when you need one? Anyway, this one has accused Dr Dylan Keogh of sexual harassment. He might have let the whole thing drop thanks to a patient storyline that made him think, but sense and reason are not allowed to prevail while Louise is around with her own special brand of self-righteous meddling. The situation has escalated to the point where Dylan has smashed up his boat (I’m guessing it was a boat) and scared Dervla.

And Charlie has taken on the onerous task of organising his wedding to Duffy. I’m getting my fascinator out of storage in preparation.

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  1. My husband’s name is Sebastian and he frequently complains that all fictional Sebastians are horrible! Fortunately he is one of those mythical ‘nice Sebastians’ himself…