Holby City: Take your daughter to work day

elinor-serena-holby(Series 19, ep. 12) I know we’ve seen Elinor before, but once again well done to the people in casting for finding someone who actually looks like she could be related to Catherine Russell. I wonder if Serena was anything like Elinor when she was younger – in other words, a bit of a tiresome brat? Because it has to be faced, Elinor was teetering on the edge of being majorly annoying and I thought she quite deserved that whack on the head – if only for being a bit of a princess over the whole #Berena thing.

She wasn’t the only person with questionable views on AAU. Patient Tracey was suffering from pancreatitis and racism, and this led to Jasmine delivering a brilliant speech to her about the NHS. Of course, Serena couldn’t condone that kind of ranting behaviour in her junior staff – “But, off the record – well done.” 

essie-raf-holbyIt’s odd seeing Raf in the berry-coloured scrubs of Keller, and his presence up there is a bit of a mystery considering he’s the king of trauma surgery and reconstructing faces and that. But it has brought him – a single man – into the orbit of Essie – a single woman – and what with that and leftover festive spirit it wasn’t long before they were grappling with each other in a doorway and people on Twitter were starting to utter the word #Ressie. I’m not convinced, really, but that might be because I’m already picturing Sacha’s poor little face when he finds out.

isaac-dominic-holbyThe other “romance” story on Keller is of course Dom and Isaac. After Isaac proved to be a prize shit last week, he’s gone even more sinister this week by being nice. Spookily nice. Pretending nothing ever happened and all is well kind of nice, which obviously pulled the rug right from under Dominic and took away his power to express how he felt last week and try and rebuild the situation or walk away. Instead he’s been made to rejoin the relationship completely on Isaac’s terms. It’s very sinister, particularly as Dominic didn’t even feel able to confide in Zosia about it.

mr-t-mo-holbyAt least we have a wedding coming up among the Darwin folk, though nobody seems to be looking forward to it, least of all Mr T, who is supposed to be the groom. In fact he seems to only be going along with it because Inga is pregnant. She, meanwhile, is avoiding any kind of professional appointment with Mr T because it’s harder to pretend you’re pregnant during an ultrasound.

I think Holby fans everywhere would have been with me in wanting to bang Mr T’s and Mo’s heads together and get them to ‘fess up how they feel about each other. Yes, I know they kissed, but then they totally chickened out of talking about what that meant. I so much want Mo to woman up and tell him about the baby.

Line of the week – Mo: “Hypothetical question – “

Matteo: “Jurassic Park – is it real?”

Recipe idea of the week: Essie’s After Eight sandwich. Yes please.

Next week: The wedding of the year! I’ve already seen bits of it, and trust me when I say you do not want to miss it.


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4 responses to “Holby City: Take your daughter to work day

  1. Sarah

    Elinor certainly seems to be her father’s daughter. I spent the entire episode waiting for her to go ‘nnngh’ and succumb to the Holby Relatives Curse!
    I wouldn’t have thought it possible but I think Serena and Bernie might actually be a more boring couple than even Serena and Ric would have been. I presume this is the calm before the inevitable Holby relationship storm?
    Essie and Raf is a no from me – poor Sacha.
    I do wish Zosia wasn’t always so totally oblivious to anything that doesn’t directly affect herself. Dom needs a good mate. Arthur would have totally noticed that something was wrong with his friend but as usual Zosia was on cloud Zosia and could see no further than her own mood.

  2. shoequeen

    Isaac’s behaviour is classic abusive behaviour. The parts where he made Dom rethink and be puzzled about what happened is called gaslighting. Isolating the victim from friends as he did when he saw how important Zosia is to Dom. Well done to Holby for showing how domestic abuse can start. It is not always violence.

  3. Because Jemma’s year contract is ending soon, so will the Berena storyline. Before Bernie goes maybe she can strangle Serena’s daughter-what a snobbish spoiled brat!
    Serena has changed since she started working in AAU-not the same in your face, I am the boss attitude. Future episode of Serena telling Jasmine she screwed the pooch for good, shows the former confident Serena that we were used to seeing.
    Will Bernie be called back in an emergency to the army corp or transferred to another hospital? Eventually, Bernie will fade, then out of sight out of mind.
    Or maybe Serena and Bernie will leave at the same time. But Serena will comeback to Holby City.

  4. Andrew P

    Re: Raf and Essie – do the Holby writers have a set of dice with all the characters on them, and they just roll to see who to pair up next when they get a little bored? I just don’t seem them as an item at all – but perhaps they aren’t an item, and more of an incendiary bomb lobbed onto Keller…

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