Holby City: Watch out for that man!

dominic-holby(Series 19, ep. 11) This review may not be up to my usual impeccable standard, because I watched the episode several days ago in a hotel room in Berlin on a television that warmly embraced the concept of British TV without having an entirely secure connection to it. Therefore it’s entirely possible that I missed some important chunks of dialogue. And possibly action. If I was being entirely professional I’d watch it all again and take notes, but it’s Christmas and there’s sprouts to sort out and whatnot.

dominic-zosia-holbyIt was a good episode though. Lee was back. The man who broke Dominic’s heart – and, more significantly, broke his heart at the time that Arthur was ill. He knows how to press Dominic’s buttons, and there was a tense scene when Lee went AWOL from his bed and turned up in the staff room with a knife in his hand. We all remember why that isn’t a good idea. Was he going to stab Isaac, his love rival for the hand of the fair Dominic? Well, no. But by the end of the episode I rather wished that he had. The final scene between Isaac and Dominic was absolutely brutal, with Isaac showing a cruel streak a mile wide and leaving Dominic in tears and Arthur’s granddad’s medal in pieces. All we can hope now is that Dominic will have nothing to do with Isaac ever again, but to do that would take a lot of self-esteem, and Dominic’s self-esteem is quite a fragile thing. 

Just before that happened there was a sweet scene in which Zosia and Dominic hung a star on the Christmas tree in the Linden Cullen Memorial Shrubbery in memory of Arthur.

matteo-holbyMeanwhile, Jac found out that she doesn’t have cancer, which is obviously marvellous news. She had a lot of scenes with Jac and Matteo, which was also marvellous, because of the contrast between them as far as Jac’s concerned. Sacha is her best friend, someone she can confide in. His personality is open and straightforward and she trusts him. She doesn’t trust Matteo an inch and suspects him of having a secret agenda. He, meanwhile, keeps flirting with her like there’s no tomorrow, which makes her all uncomfortable and cross. Not in a “I’ll have you up to the mythical HR department on a sexual harassment charge before you can say ciao bella” way, but in a “don’t get in my personal space because the last time that happened – Jonny Mac” kind of way.

Fletch was in touch with his dad, Fletch Senior. And Zosia and Ollie seem to have invited Mo to spend Christmas with them.


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3 responses to “Holby City: Watch out for that man!

  1. Simon Emery

    Jacs doesn’t like Mateo, and I don’t like him either pls get rid of him,
    Also pls get Sacha and Esse back together, and Fletch needs a nice lady

    Yours Simon Emery

    Ps I would love to meet Jacs and all the cast pls,

  2. Deborah Blake

    I think Matteo is ok and will grow to fit in. I would love to see Sacha and Essie get back together. Yes, Fletch needs a lady and Jac needs a man. Just not each other!!

  3. Collins1965

    I like Matteo and think he could be a good match for Jac. He seems to get her in the same way that Joseph did unlike Jonny who wad threatened by her and always looked for the bad in her.

    I would like to see her happy with him but doubt it will happen. I do love that they are acknowledging the deep friendship between Jac and Sacha once more.

    I enjoyed the episode very much.