Holby City: Deck the halls with vows of Zollie

ollie-zosia-holby(Series 19, ep. 10) In a world of doom and gloom it really was nice to have an episode where no-one died, much festive-themed food was consumed (mainly by Mo) and one of the big Holby romances is back on again.

matteo-zosia-ollie-holbyProducer Simon Harper said on Twitter that the reunion of Ollie and Zosia was brought forward specifically to cheer us all up, and it certainly worked for me, anyway. Zosia got Matteo to ask Ollie if he (Matteo) could ask her (Zosia) out, just to make him (Ollie) jealous. It worked a treat, because Ollie has been all prickly and defensive since Matteo arrived, what with his horse riding skills, the whole Italian thing and the fact that he can (allegedly) dance merengue and salsa, speak five languages and play the cello. Good lord, when does the man find the time to keep his beard nicely trimmed? I’m enjoying how Christian Vit seems to relish every second of playing Matteo, thoroughly playing up to all the stereotypes as he does so. It’s going to be interesting to see what kind of man Matteo is under that layer. 

Anyway, in a festively bedecked Linden Cullen Memorial Shrubbery, Ollie finally managed to tell Zosia how he felt. It was like getting blood out of a terribly English stone, but he got there. And now they’re going to live together. Again. Hurrah!

morven-cameron-holbyA romance may also be brewing on AAU, aside from the Berena one, which is totally On and humming along nicely. Cameron is definitely looking rather fondly at Morven. Although Arthur is still very much on her mind (in this episode she had the F1s in her charge jumping through hoops in an attempt to be a brilliant mentor like Arthur was to her), Cameron is adorable. If they do get together it’s going to be a bit weird with his mother and her partner observing their every move and – rather creepy, this – listening at doors.

aunt-maria-sacha-ric-holbyUp on Keller, Sacha’s lovely Aunt Maria (Susan Engel) was back and it would have totally ruined the mood if she’d have died, because she and Sacha are wonderful together. He thought she was going to die in theatre because she had a P-POSSUM score of only 40%. Trivia fact: I’ve just discovered via Google that the P stands for Portsmouth (and the rest stands for Physiological and Operative Severity Score for the enumeration of Mortality and Morbidity. They must have been thrilled to discover that spelled Possum).

Essie, meanwhile, was scheming to make sure Parker got to stay with her a bit longer because she likes having the lad around. It gives her an excuse to ride a scooter to work – not even a Vespa, but the sad sort you propel with your foot. The glamour of pretendy-motherhood may be starting to wear off though, as Parker has already started taking her for granted.

mo-holbyTalking of motherhood, Mo was busy eating for two, and Baby MoT is going to be a strapping child, built from breadsticks (“We open the box – we finish the box”), mince pies and chocolate Christmas tree decorations. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Ollie asked her at one point. “Cheese and ham paninis from Pulses?” said Mo.

All this and a patient called Monty the Python, AKA Keith from Basildon. A merry time was had by all. Make the most of this happy glow, though – next week’s episode is called ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas.’


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2 responses to “Holby City: Deck the halls with vows of Zollie

  1. Aiffric

    Stupendous work on the title there, Sue!

  2. Joyce Taylor

    Once again , a lovely review.The only thing that I would like to add, is that Cameron reminds me a little bit of Arthur!Still very missed!