Holby City: Who turns up at work their first day on a horse?

matteo-holby(Series 19, ep. 8) Matteo Rossini, that’s who. On the index of “memorable first appearances,” that has to rank fairly high. I’m not sure he even needed the horse, though, because Dr (Mr?) Matteo Rossini is perfectly memorable on his own terms. It’s not just that he is fabulously good-looking (he is), it’s not just that he has that flirty charm thing going on (he has), and it’s not even that he’s a very good doctor (he is). It’s the way his very presence affected everybody else. Mo was rendered almost speechless by his charisma, Zosia was intrigued, Ollie instantly switched into territory-marking testosterone overdrive, and Jac… well, Jac hated him. And that was a beautiful thing to see, because Jac is at her best when she has a proper rival, and when it’s someone with whom she obviously also has chemistry – it’s going to be a lot of fun. 

cameron-holbyMatteo wasn’t the only new boy on the wards, if we can count Bernie’s son Cameron, who has been a patient and then a charity worker, and is now on AAU as a new F1. I loved Cameron from his very first appearance, because he is so believable as Bernie’s son. I know maybe it’s getting implausible how many family members end up working together at that hospital, but in this case it works because Cameron gives another dimension to Bernie   as well as being an interesting character in his own right. He hit the ground running by spotting a rare condition, and Bernie showed that she hasn’t been at Holby for very long because she hasn’t learned the lesson that when the newbie has a hunch, they should be listened to.

I liked that Serena and Bernie arrived at work together, obviously couply but trying to keep things professional (ha! Too late for that, after last week’s snogging in the office with the blinds open).

dominic-holbyThe spectre of Arthur Digby still looms over the hospital, most obviously for Morven, but also for Dominic, who has taken to carrying Digby’s grandfather’s medal around like a talisman. Isaac hid the medal to get Dominic to try and cope without it, but was he doing it for Dominic’s own good or is he maybe a bit jealous that Digby still means so much to Dominic?

dominic-jac-horse-holbyIt was an episode where you could almost believe that the universes of Holby City and Casualty are one and the same. The horse spent most of the episode being looked after (unseen) by Casualty’s Noel, apart from when he (the horse, not Noel) was hiding in the shrubbery waiting to frighten Jac, which was a lovely bit of comic acting from Rosie Marcel. Jasmine mentioned Caleb Knight off of Casualty, and I believe she got a mention on Saturday’s Casualty. It’s all connected!

Random thing we learned this week: Jac would rather eat roadkill than dine at Pulses.

Dialogue of the week: Dominic – “Keep your friends close, keep your enemies…” Jac – “…Locked in the boot of your car.”


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7 responses to “Holby City: Who turns up at work their first day on a horse?

  1. Jenny BG

    Fantastic…spot on 😊

  2. Absolutely what Jenny BG said, spot on. Jac and Matteo to get it together (in the linen cupboard?) before Christmas?

  3. Deborah Blake

    Yes, classic comment from Jac re: the body in the boot! Also, tickled to see her jump when Romeo, the horse, came up behind her!

  4. Donnty

    Jac was glorious! And Matteo… *dribble*

    I like Cameron but I don’t like Bernie so if Cameron being on the ward means more of Bernie’s droning then I’m reluctantly hoping he’s only there for a short stint.

    Poor Dominic, I’m not convinced that Isaac really does have his best interests at heart. I think Isaac considers Dominic a possession, or a lovely accessory. It’s Isaac’s way or not at all by the looks of things.

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