Holby City: Self assessment

selfie-holby(Series 19, ep. 6) He’s been the egotistical brain surgeon that everyone loved to hate, or just simply hated. And as such, Guy Self has been a magnificent villain and possibly the most aptly named character ever. This Guy was all about himSelf: a smarmy super-ego who didn’t mind whose feelings were trampled over to get what he wanted.

zosia-selfie-holbyAnd yet, by the end, I think everyone will have been pretty much rooting for him. Over the past few months, the writers and John Michie have been steadily filling in the blanks about Selfie’s past life that put his character and his actions into perspective. We’ve always known about his dead wife, and his sometimes fractured relationship with his daughter. Occasionally his treatment of Zosia has been cold and heartless, at other times he’s given her the support she needed, but it’s always been obvious that he loves her. Since we met his monstrous mother (and what a brilliant performance that was from Brigit Forsyth – it was a shame she was killed off so swiftly) and discovered his background of abuse, it’s been clearer why he acted like he did. He craved approval, and he only knew one path through life, which was through ambition and success. His template for being a parent was based on what his own parents had given him, and the loss of his wife had thrown him back on that as the only way he knew how to be. 

tristan-selfie-holbyFollowing the actions of Slimy Tristan (now there was a villain without any redeeming features whatsoever), Selfie was faced with a complex moral dilemma. Tristan knew that Selfie had tried to commit suicide following Anya’s death, and he was prepared to tell Zosia about it if Selfie called the police. The scenes between the two of them were intense – Tristan knew exactly how to press Selfie’s buttons, and at times Selfie crumpled in front of him like his mother’s child.

Selfie felt that Zosia wouldn’t be able to cope with knowing she’d almost been an orphan and wanted to protect her. Everyone else thought he was being standard Selfie and putting his career before his daughter.

ollie-holbyShe, however, has good friends in her life. Can I pause just a second here to admire Oliver Valentine looking absolutely gorgeous in a suit? And I also admired the way he supported Zosia. I really hope it’s the start of a reconciliation for the two of them. Jac was typically wonderful and was the one to call the police.

In the end, Tristan died on the operating table. Selfie confessed everything to Zosia, and there was a feeling that the two of them have entered a new phase of understanding. Selfie has resigned from the hospital and is going to concentrate on sorting himSelf out for a bit. And, do you know what, I’m going to miss him.

raf-kim-holbyOne person leaves, another makes a spectacular recovery. Fletch was back! And he seems fully back to his old self again, which is marvellous news. They needed him badly on AAU, what with Bernie being away, Serena and Morven having a day off and Raf being totally absorbed in making Bambi eyes at patient Kim, who was suffering from an allergic reaction to arnica capsules secretly administered by her son Parker, who was trying to wean her off her addiction to prescription painkillers. Raf just goes stupid whenever a woman appears on his romantic radar.

sacha-holbySacha would probably go stupid too, but there aren’t any women on his radar at the minute (though what happened to Pharmacist Mel, who thought he was a lovely cake-eating specimen of manhood?). While Essie seems to have turned into a total man magnet, Sacha this week resorted to an online dating app. This resulted in a total fail, despite Essie reassuring him that he’s perfect as he is.

Disgusting Ailment of the Week award must definitely go to the Keller patient who had a “vegetable ball” blocking her stomach. It was vile. Who knew even your five-a-day could land you in hospital? We live in dangerous times.

Next week: Dom and Isaac! Mo and Mr T!! And Serena and Bernie!!!

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2 responses to “Holby City: Self assessment

  1. Paul

    I know you’re only joking – but the “five a day” girl with the disgusting vegetable blockage was really meant to be one of the eating disorder types like the real life “banana girl” – people who do extreme anorexia-type diets which are bad for their health. Most of us eat too many carbohydrates, and hence need more fruit and veg in our diet to balance out the stodge. However eating ALL fruit and nothing else is as much like a “balanced” diet as eating nothing but chips. And I guess this was highlighting one of the dangers of that.

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