Holby City: Seriously though, never trust a Tristan

selfie-holby(Series 19, ep. 4) Selfie has always been morally somewhat dubious, and this episode once again plunged him into some very grey areas indeed.

He was called from a black tie dinner (is this John Michie’s pitch to be the next James Bond?) to attend to a woman (Laura Rogers) who turned out to be Slimy Tristan’s girlfriend Jemima (as opposed to his wife, Patsy “Big Pockets” Brassvine). The reason Selfie was the only person who would do for what seemed basically a quick first aid case was that Tristan knew he could be sure of Selfie’s “discretion.” After all, Tristan had the power to make all of Selfie’s neurosurgery dreams come true. 

Things were more complex than that. Had Tristan been beating Jemima up? The X rays and scan results, and the bruising on her arm, certainly suggested that. Surely even Selfie couldn’t maintain “discretion” with that going on?

patsy-selfie-holbyWriter Ed Sellek muddied the moral waters further by having Patsy herself turn up to be part of an interview panel. Rather than being shocked and outraged by Tristan’s behaviour, Patsy accepted it. She loves him because he’s “so driven,” apparently. “Has he ever hit you?” Selfie asked her. Her response was that, “Tristan has his way with everyone. Why would he need to raise his hand?” She also advised him to carry on cooperating with Tristan. So whatever his better Self might have told him, for now he’s parked his concerns about Tristan for the sake of his career.

morven-holbyThose repercussions from the death of Arthur Digby just keep rolling along. For Morven, she still hasn’t learned the lesson from that Keith Barron episode a year ago, that sometimes people can’t be saved, and how to let go. We saw her at the beginning pulling someone back from the brink of death, only to lose them later on. Ric and Raf were both on hand with wise advice. In the middle of this, that lovely patient Aiden was back. Morven was determined that he wouldn’t die, so she talked him into a risky procedure. Bless her, she’d rather fallen for Aiden so she wasn’t as clear-headed about everything as she should have been. This made Raf follow her around a lot with his Concerned Face on.

sacha-dominic-holbyI realised when I was thinking about the episode that Dominic is rather like Sacha. Not the shirts, obviously, but in the way that people – especially romantic partners – perceive them. Remember when poor Sacha had to keep all of his favourite possessions in the basement at the hospital, because Chrissie didn’t want it all cluttering up her lovely home? Isaac is like that with Dominic. To be fair to Isaac, it was his home to begin with and Dominic is something of a slob (the flat has started to look “like Freshers’ Week”), but the way Isaac talks to him is total Chrissie, all disapproving and tutting. Dominic had had enough of this and told Sacha he’d be staying at his house for the night. I would actually love to see a spin-off series about the home life of Sacha and Dominic (the scene with them both in Pulses was adorable), but he’ll be back with Isaac again before too long, I reckon.

My favourite line of the week came from Isaac. His comment on their patient – “He dresses like a sports casual Sacha” – was glorious.

Pulses menu news: They’ve started putting coriander in their BLT. Fancy! And a nice savoury change from muffins.


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6 responses to “Holby City: Seriously though, never trust a Tristan

  1. Did you know that Hanssen is moonlighting in period dress at 2.15 every lunchtime, after Doctors?
    I think Selfie should be made aware.

  2. Brian Wright

    A point of concern; If Tristan is in a commercial arrangement with Holby is it ethical or legal for him to be chairman of the Board that pays him?

  3. Donnty

    I like Tristan and his nastiness but I’m afraid we’re going to get a Tristan vs Selfie story rather than what would be a much more interesting story – Tristan vs Jac (or obviously Tristan vs Hanssen if he hadn’t buggered off to Sweden again!). I suppose it’s better than trying to shoehorn Ric into a dramatic situation though.

    Isaac is an arse and I hope Dominic realises this. I agree Dom moving in with Sacha would be TV gold! They make a brilliant double act.

    Serena got through a whole episode without Shiraz or any references to – is this a record?

  4. Sarah

    I struggle to get through any Self-centred episode and I actually fell asleep during this one! I’ve seen some spoilers so I’m kinda hoping Tristan spells the beginning of the end for Selfie… If we don’t get to keep Tristan then I hope they give us another worthy villain (Selfie never lived up to the title).

    Morven and that patient were adorable! Is he terminal or is there hope for a recovery? From the spoilers I’ve read my hopes that someone bumps off Ric in the CEO office have been dashed. His scene with Morven was pointlessly dull 😦 COME BACK HANSSEN!!

  5. wiggles

    I cheered quite loudly when Dom told Isaac where to go in Albie’s = you go boy!!!!

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