HIM: The lad with no name

james-murray-fionn-whitehead-katherine-kelly-himHIM is a “domestic horror drama,” for those who like their genres mixed.

HE is, at first sight, your average antisocial, slightly messed up, weed-smoking teenager, forever staring at his phone or shut away with his headphones on. I’m going to have to refer to HIM as HE, because for some reason the writer (Paula Milne) has decided not to give HIM a name. This makes interactions with HIS family somewhat tricky – have you ever heard a parent give a kid a good telling off without mentioning their name at least once?

The set up is that HE (Fionn Whitehead, who is excellent) is the son of divorced parents (James Murray and Katherine Kelly), who have both moved on, found new partners and produced new children. HE has found HIMself pushed out, particularly by HIS father (nobody plays an arrogant twonk quite as beautifully as James Murray, and he’s a surgeon in this one – Holby City casting people, please make a note), whose house is full of studio-produced photographs of his “new” family – a wife who would rather ignore the fact that her husband has another family, plus their son and twins on the way. 

So far so humdrum, but HE is actually not your average teenager. HE’s telekinetic. When daddy wouldn’t leave the door ajar when HE was little, HE popped it open again HIMself – without getting out of bed, and that was just the start of it. Generally, HIS powers are destructive and unpredictable, and come on when HE’s angry – and when you throw his various grievances at his family and hormones into the mix (HE’s fallen, predictably, for HIS step father’s daughter, played by Simona Brown), things start to look a bit dangerous. Even more dangerous as it seems HE’s now acquiring more control over what HE can do.

This all harks back to stuff I used to love back in the day – The Tomorrow People, Children of the Damned. Based on the first episode I wouldn’t say there was much of a “horror” element to it, but then I did watch it after binge-watching American Horror Story: Asylum on Netflix. It was an entertaining and interesting hour of TV. I’m looking forward to finding out more about HIS grandfather, who apparently had the same powers, and seeing what kind of a mess has been left in the wake of the climactic scene of domestic destruction.




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2 responses to “HIM: The lad with no name

  1. Joyce Taylor

    Not what I would normally watch, but I enjoyed the first of three episodes!I don’t need horror, just weird is enough for me! Looking forward to the next one
    As usual, a good write up Sue

  2. Joyce Taylor

    Great casting Simona Brown could easily be related to Patrick Robinson, they are so alike

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