Holby City: Take your hands out of the patient

zosia-holby(Series 19, ep. 2) I like these episodes that start with a dramatic thing at (or near) the end, and then go back in time to what led up to it. This one started with Zosia coming out of an operating theatre, looking upset and distracted. When we flashed back to six hours earlier, she was all poised and confident and doing brilliant things in surgery. What could have happened in just six hours to effect such a drastic change?

Part of the problem was Zosia’s own mental health. The death of Michael Malone last week seemed to take the lid off a whole lot of bottled up emotions, and as she’s done in the past, Zosia’s coping mechanism was to throw herself into her work.

Overhearing a conversation between the superficially charming (never trust a Tristan) Tristan Wood and the completely charmless (don’t trust him as far as you can throw him) Selfie, Zosia discovered that plans were afoot (again) to snatch away one of the Darwin theatres for neuro. 

jac-holbyWith Hanssen away ill (get well soon, HH), there was no higher authority to appeal to, so Zosia took it upon herself to “save” the Darwin theatre. She invited Tristan Wood to spend the day in Darwin, so he could see how brilliant they were and realise they really needed both theatres. Tristan Wood, however, seemed more interested in Zosia, with a somewhat creepy interest in her bipolar that Jac was swift to dismiss.

It was harder for Jac to dismiss Zosia’s behaviour when she let slip some confidential patient information, and then when she started dangerously going off on her own path during surgery. This led to Jac uttering possibly my favourite line ever: “Take your hands out of the patient!” Zosia took her hands out of the patient – eventually – and that was the point where we’d caught up with the scene at the beginning.

jac-zosia-holbyWorse was to come for Zosia, as she attempted to drown her sorrows at Albie’s, and flirt her way into rescuing the theatre with Tristan Wood. It looked like he was more than ready to take advantage of a drunk and vulnerable woman, until Jac superbly rode to the rescue. Jac seems to get Zosia. Possibly she can relate to someone who is brilliant but damaged by her upbringing. Maybe being a mother herself has brought out an empathy she always had but didn’t often show. Either way, the scene between Jac and Zosia in the taxi at the end was brilliantly done.

essie-holbySpeaking of mothers, it seems that Essie has “almost zero chance” of ever being one, biologically anyhow. She responded to this news by getting very drunk and turning up for her shift hungover and in the car of a strange man. Work-wise, she became over-involved in the case of Kim (the woman who was flirting with Raf last week, played by Louisa Clein) and her son Parker (Louis Davison). At first she thought Parker was beating Kim up, but in fact Kim is a drug user and poor Parker was mainly left to fend for himself. Luckily Dominic and Isaac have become domestic gods since moving in together and had filled the staff fridge full of healthy meals in Tupperware, so Essie was able to make sure Parker got something a bit more nourishing than a Pulses muffin. “Your kids are lucky to have you,” Parker texted her later. Essie is now looking into the possibility of being a foster parent, because those mum skills need to be put to use.

morven-aiden-holbyOn AAU, the good news is that Fletch’s recovery is coming along nicely and he’s been discharged from hospital. Meanwhile, Morven’s patient was a lovely man, Aiden (Clifford Samuel), who was so sweet that he could almost make her think there might be life after Arthur. Then Aiden was found to have cancer – the Curse of the Holby Friend/Relative striking particularly swiftly in this case.

Next time: Who remembers Imelda Cousins? Onwards!


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5 responses to “Holby City: Take your hands out of the patient

  1. mrssatan

    I agree, Rosie and Camilla were wonderful as Jac and Zosia, and the scene in the cab really tugged at the heart strings. I know I shouldn’t have been surprised at Selfish’s behaviour, but I thought the way he ignored his daughter in the lift was both callous and telling. She is like his plaything; only interested in her when it suits him.

    Getting rather concerned about HH – I hope GH isn’t getting ready to leave again.

  2. Sarah

    Camilla did another amazing job! Tristan is a hideous creature!
    I was actually relieved not to have any Serena scenes on AAU this week (can’t believe I’m saying that but I’ve begun to dread her!) Fletch was super annoying interrupting Morven every two seconds. I was devastes the patient has cancer – he was adorable, I hope we see him again.
    Imelda is back – woot!!

  3. holbybunners

    A great episode .. and review. We never saw Jasmine this time did we? Maybe she and HH have run off together .. a poor joke .. sorry ..

    And talking of her I saw “Paula Burrows” (Julie Legrande?) as Mrs Malaprop in “The Rivals” . I think during the performance we saw – she stole the show.

  4. Donnty

    Hanssen sick? Surely not possible! Although I remember just after Hanssen’s return someone predicting he’d have some rare brain tumour that only Selfie could fix thus making Hanssen more human and vulnerable and Selfie more likeable for saving him. Funny if it turns out to be true!

    Morven and her patient were cute. Raf seems to have caught Serena’s affliction of just being generally whiny and unhappy (and boring!) I think the ward needs a clear out!

  5. holbybunners

    I see that Guy Henry is in the daytime serial: “The Moonstone” so that is presumably why he is taking a break from Holby?

    I am not sure what part he is playing in the Wilkie Collins adaptation which I will most certainly watch. However I cannot understand why it is not on in the usual Sunday night spot ?

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