Holby City: Hello, series 19

zosia-holby(Series 19, ep. 1) There was another glimpse of Digby in the pre-titles ‘previously’ section. We aren’t being allowed to forget his sweet face, and I love it that his death is still affecting the characters into this new series.

The return of Michael Malone (Andy Lucas), who was the person who was going to get the experimental stent before Zosia manoeuvred to let Digby have it, was always going to be tough for Zosia. Every week I’m growing to admire Camilla Arfwedson more and more as an actress. Her face is like a landscape over which you see patterns of sunshine and clouds moving constantly. When she spoke about Digby to Michael Malone (“He was my best friend and I wasn’t there when he needed me”) it was such a sad scene. Then, in Michael’s dying moments, she wheeled his bed out to the Linden Cullen Memorial Shrubbery, and I doubt whether the Shrubbery has ever seen anything more poignant in its varied life. Zosia’s face as she sat under the tree, and the way she tucked the blankets around Michael after he died, made me cry. Again. How many tears can Digby’s death wring out of me? As for poor Zosia, I’m very worried for her. I just hope Ollie comes good and looks after her, because I rather love the way he says her name, like it tastes delicious in his mouth. 

jasmine-holbyJasmine started her shift on Keller with a nasty hangover – not helped by “Auntie Dom” and his hangover advice. Props to the makeup department for making the usually radiant Lucinda Dryzek look rough as anything for most of the episode. There was another returning character in the form of Sol (Marko Leht), who had various issues, including an injury he’d got at work. Jasmine went all “InjuryCompo4U” on him, advising him to sue his workplace. Jasmine is a bit of a loose cannon at the moment. She has all the makings of a top Holby doctor (good medical skills plus an unnatural interest in the problems of strangers and a natural interest in other attractive members of staff). What she tends to do is to try and cope on her own without asking for help. This got her in trouble with Jac, and it also got her in trouble with Ric this week. Jasmine had a little whinge about him to the ever-so-friendly Tristan Wood – ignoring Sacha’s maxim that “you can never trust a Tristan.” This all led to Ric being suspended – again. Ric gets suspended so often he should put his little box of personal effects on wheels so he doesn’t have to carry it about everywhere. He did not look like a happy man when we last saw him in the lift. Hanssen was unable to do anything to intervene in what was clearly a case of handbags at dawn, and that’s not a situation Hanssen likes to be in, either. Expect this situation to get worse before it gets better.

raf-holbyOn AAU, Raf found a patient to flirt with. “You know, you’ve got beautiful eyes,” she told him, literally three seconds after I thought to myself, “Raf has really beautiful eyes.” This makes me think those dastardly manipulators at Holby had specially lit his lovely eyes so we would all fall in love with their limpid beauty.

Serena’s thoughts, meanwhile, were all of the still-absent Dr Bernie Wolfe. “I love her,” she told Raf, but then worried that maybe she was just having a mid-life-lesbian-phase-crisis-thing. Raf said there was a sure way to find out, and they went in for a kiss. No kiss happened, though, which prompted Twitter user @livabuff to give Raf the title of “the lesbian litmus test.” Form an orderly queue there, people.

Line of the weekRaf: “Serena, can I have a word, please?” Serena: “Only if it’s to say you intend to hurl me fully clothed into a vat of Shiraz.”



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6 responses to “Holby City: Hello, series 19

  1. Joyce Taylor

    lovely summery, agree with everything, I wondered when Zosia would react to Arthurs deathHer scenes with Michael Malone were beautifully played.Like you , I don’t think that any tv character has made me shed so many tears as sweet Dr Digby

  2. thunderchild

    First Leslie Ash, then Raquel and now Tristan Wood…..Ric should just book a long holiday whenever the management at Holby City changes!

  3. Deborah Blake

    I think Jac was so harsh on Zosia. Michael deserved his last wishes. It was beautiful.

  4. Maria Thomas

    I too had tears rolling down my face during the Zosia / Michael scenes, really beautiful acting. I both want and fear Ollie and Zosia getting back together. Their scenes together are fantastic with genuine chemistry between them but as no one in Holby City is ever allowed a happy long term relationship I fear any reconciliation will only be temporary anyway.
    On an unrelated note, I find Essie a pointless and irritating character I had hoped the demise of her relationship with Sacha would mean bidding farewell to her but alas no. Is she still transplant coordinator? If so why does she seem to spend so little time actually doing the job?
    I hope the writers manage to build a meaningful relationship between Jasmine and Jac, it will add a new dimension to Jac & finally give her some emotional support from someone who might just have some understanding of why she is the way she is. Nothing else will satisfy me! I might forgive the writers then for lifting the whole, half sister training in the same hospital storyline straight out of Grey’s Anatomy!
    Having said all this Holby is brilliant at the moment!

  5. Sarah

    Ohhh it’s going to get worse before it gets better for Zosia isn’t it? I feel a bit mean thinking it but I can’t wait! Camilla is so good she makes the hurt fabulous to watch.

    Isnt this the second time Ric has been suspended because of a complaint by a young female F1? Have they run of storylines for him or are they deliberately giving him a dodgy rep?

    Serena is all over the place and it’s annoying. I know she’s meant to be all flustered because of Bernie but she’s been dirhering about indecisively about everything for months and it’s getting boringly predictable. Catherine’s twinkly delivery only saves the scene for so long.

  6. Donnty

    I haven’t been watching Holby as regularly as I used to, I feel like it’s lacking somehow over the last year or so. Dom and Mo are the only characters I really enjoy anymore, as they both seem to be growing and developing but without undergoing massive personality changes. Zosia seems stuck on a bit of a loop, there isn’t enough of Jac or Hanssen doing anything to hold my attention and as for Serena… Catherine delivers some beautiful performances but she’s a completely different character now and I find the whole emotional, ambitionless mumsy thing dull. I wish they’d give us another tough, ambitious female character to replace her (a more human one than all out bitch Jac – she’s unique!)

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