Holby City: Sharp knives and Inga

inga-mo-holby(Series 18, ep. 52) The phrase “emotional roller coaster” is over-used, but I’m going to use it anyway, because this series has been one. Also, that’s the mental image I had at the end of this episode (which also marked the end of series 18) that we were left poised at the top of the roller coaster, ready to start series 19 with twists and turns already lined up – Mo’s baby, Fletch’s recovery, Dominic and Isaac, Serena and Bernie, Jasmine and Jac. And, if you’ve seen the Autumn trailer, big stuff for Zosia, Selfie and Hanssen, a new doctor, and a bizarre new look for Sacha.

I can’t wait, to be honest, but in the meantime I need to concentrate on what was going on last night. 

mo-inga-holbyInga seems nice, doesn’t she? It’s that word “seems” that’s the pertinent point, though. Kaisa Hammarlund is doing a lovely job of portraying a woman who is as nice as apple pie – though it might be an apple pie with a few less-appetising ingredients under the crust. Only Mo has noticed that Inga isn’t the sweet fluffy cloud she first appears to be. “I think being around sharp knives and Inga at the same time is a recipe for disaster,” Mo told Zosia, and this has got to be a worry in a hospital full of scalpels and other sharp stuff. Inga’s weapon of choice when she discovered that Mo was the evil woman who broke Mr T’s heart wasn’t a knife, though – it was a large jug of urine. Possibly still warm.

Jac was amused. “Two women fighting over Derwood Thompson,” she said. “Just when I thought the world couldn’t get any weirder.”

mo-jac-holbyThere was a beautiful scene at the end of the episode, in which Mo and Jac got stuck into a bottle of wine (just Jac for the wine) and a large quantity of cheese, and had a bit of a catch-up. We learned that Jac and Jonny are co-parenting Emma in a friendly and civilised way – they even went to a petting zoo together. There was a bit of brains-speak when Jac said what a good father Jonny is and how she regrets trying to shut him out of Emma’s life, because after all that’s what Mo is doing to Mr T. We also learned that Mo has been avoiding Jonny, and I think that’s entirely realistic. He knows her better than anybody, and it would be hard not to tell him who the baby’s father is. And Jonny would doubtlessly feel that Mr T has a right to know.

fletch-serena-holbyIt’s not easy being a lone parent – just ask Raf. The poor man is floundering a bit trying to look after the Fletchlings while Fletch recovers. He’s going to have to do it for a bit longer, now, as an accident during physio has set Fletch back a few weeks. This storyline did a nice job of pulling in several story strands, as Fletch’s frustration with his situation made Morven angry with him because at least he’s ended series 18 still alive, unlike Arthur. We also found out that “Berena” is quite the topic of hot gossip around the hospital, and Fletch most probably did hear Serena’s little speech about this when he was in a coma. There was a glorious appearance from Mikey Fletcher (“Alright Serena! Raf about?”) and assorted other Fletchlings. And I wanted to hug Raf for being such a good friend and caring so much about the Fletchlings.

dominic-holbySo much love around the place at the moment. Things were a little trickier on Keller, as Isaac tried to impress Ric so he could win the prized Registrar Scheme and get to go Anywhere In The World on a paid-for placement. Ric is no big fan of Isaac, so Dominic tried to give him a little help by handing him the credit for this week’s Tricky Diagnosis. Obviously this backfired spectacularly when Dr Jasmine Burrows, on her first Keller shift, told Hanssen what had really happened. With some skilful diplomacy Dominic made everything all right in the end. He even found he hated Jasmine less than he expected – it seems that Zosia has probably been having a moan to him about how she snatched Ollie from under her very nose.

Favourite dialogue of the week – Jasmine: “I’ve been shadowing Dr Copeland.” Hanssen: “Oh, bad luck.”

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3 responses to “Holby City: Sharp knives and Inga

  1. Maria Thomas

    Loved the Jac & Mo scene & your review as always.

  2. Sarah

    I didn’t realise it was the final episode of series 18. It was a cracker and I’m glad they resisted the urge to go for a cliche end of series cliff hanger.
    Isaac is a wrong’un. Jasmine is one astute gal. And I think Keller is going to become a lot more interesting in series 19!

    Hanssen’s snarky “oh bad luck” was gold! Love it when Hanssen gets sassy!

  3. holbybunners

    I loved both the episode and the review and am looking forward to series 19.

    Bitch fight between Mo and Inga? Bring it on …

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