Holby City: Recognise the symptoms

bernie-serena-holby(Series 18, ep. 51) It seems out of character for someone like Serena – so poised and strong – to be literally running after a romantic interest, begging them not to leave. This is how we know that Bernie Wolfe is more than just “romantic interest.” Falling for Bernie must be, to Serena, like being given a glimpse inside a previously locked room, and then having the door shut in your face just as you’re on the threshold.

It also makes sense that Bernie would run away. She’s been in the place Serena is now, when she fell for Alex, and she’s seen the heartbreak it can bring. The scene where Bernie talked to Dominic on the roof shows that she’s quite fatalistic about relationships. 

serena-holbyWe can only hope that Bernie will be back eventually, because the scenes between Catherine Russell and Jemma Redgrave were jaw-droppingly good. The connection between Bernie and Serena is obvious in every scene, whether they’re working together to help a patient or having a laugh at Ric Griffin’s expense. It’s been built up in a very deliberate and detailed way.

The same could be said for Mo and Mr T, and it still can be said for Mo and Mr T, even though he’s engaged and she’s pretending that the baby she’s carrying isn’t his.

mo-mr-t-holbyDid we know prior to this that Mr T is a twin? Conveniently for us (but possibly less convenient for her) his sister Delwen (Elizabeth Bower) had a heart problem, which brought her to Darwin. Mr T tells her everything, apparently, so she was fully clued up on all the details of Mo and Mr T’s relationship, and lying in her hospital bed she had plenty of time to work out that “Woody” probably is the father of the baby.

Delwen’s speculation – and indeed Delwen herself – was almost cut short thanks to Jasmine biting off a bit more than she could chew, medically-speaking. This has given Jac the excuse she’s been looking for to have Jasmine transferred to Keller.

Meanwhile, Mo had been feeling unwell all day, and when she started bleeding she needed Mr T’s expertise to reassure her that all was well with the baby. And he let slip that it’s a boy. He also asked Mo to be “best man” at his wedding, which is taking being friend-zoned to a whole new level.

dominic-isaac-holbyIt was the end of an era for Zosia and Dominic. Isaac has asked Dominic to move in with him, and after a few misunderstandings and muddles, Zosia realised that this meant he would be moving out. The choice for her was whether to get new flatmates, or move out herself. She’s decided a clean break is what’s needed, but was I the only one who felt a bit emotional at the thought that they’d be leaving the flat they’d shared with Digby? 

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5 responses to “Holby City: Recognise the symptoms

  1. Aiffric

    Serena and Bernie’s love story has been among the most beautifully written and acted stories I’ve ever seen on any TV show in my life. Completely blown away by it.

    I’m pretty sure it’s unique too – I can’t remember any other instance of seeing a relationship between two older women depicted with that much passion and love pouring out of the screen. We all know that in soap world nothing lasts for ever and everyone goes through endless romantic interests. But I think you are right here – Bernie feels like something really really special for Serena. I can’t imagine ever wanting to see her with anyone else.

    • mandy

      we got a lovely older women relationship in last tango in halifax only for the writer to totally bottle it and kill off one of them. sineo big kudos for the team of holby not to go down that road and a big heads up to Jemma and Catherine and hopefully they will get a happy ever after that caroline and kate were not aloud to have.

      • Aiffric

        Even before the terrible ending I think LTiH was less deft than Holby is right now. Might be a subjective thing, but I felt Kate was quite underwritten and a bit of a cipher. It wasn’t always clear that the drama was motivated by the characters rather than pressed on them. That pregnancy story – good grief.

  2. thebigmart

    My wife is away on a course for a lot of the week, so if Zosia would like to move in with me, I wouldn’t kick her out 😉 😉

  3. Vaudelin

    I wasn’t initially a big fan of “Berena” but whilst watching this episode I was praying for Bernie to stay because the heartbreak on Serena’s face was almost too much too bear. Only the utter brilliance of the Holby writers could make me change my mind so much about a storyline/characters. Am just loving Holby at the moment.