Casualty: More to Hide

david-casualty(Series 31, ep. 5) David Hide is one of the more interesting characters on Casualty at the moment. He’s a bit of an oddball, quiet and quirky, somewhat guarded and closed-off.

This week his back story became the front story, when we met his estranged wife (Lorraine Pilkington) and his son, Oliver (Harry Collett). I forget exactly how old Oliver was, but he was definitely too young to be driving a car. He did it rather well, though. It turns out that David is bipolar and his son probably is, too. They were both up on the roof shouting about it, anyway. Oliver’s mum reckoned that David had once tried to kidnap Oliver, but I don’t expect she meant he was doing it for a ransom. He seems too nice for that sort of thing. 

charlie-duffy-casualtyMeanwhile, Charlie and Duffy finally getting together seems like it’s only going to be a matter of time (time? They’ve had 30 years already…). We were reminded this week that Charlie is not just an Amazing Nurse and Terrific Bloke. He’s also quite the lady magnet. At his school reunion he met up with Gloria (Liza Goddard), who apparently had always held a torch for him. She dumped her bully of a husband (after Charlie had managed to hospitalise him) and gave Charlie her number, telling him to get in touch in a few months when she’s ready to move on. Charlie threw the number into the bin, because he only has eyes for the middle distance Duffy. Or perhaps it was Gloria’s horrible outfit that put him off.

ethan-alicia-casualtyAlicia bought Ethan some slippers to replace the shoes she barfed on, which was a very thoughtful and amusing gift. She spent the rest of the time trying to fend off the attentions of Jez and Max, who had a bet that they’d be the first one to kiss her. I’m a little bit confused here. When Jez recently appeared in an episode of Holby City, he was gay, wasn’t he? He went off with a man in the bar, much to the disappointment of Dr Jasmine Burrows, and Iain seemed to think that was standard Jez. Someone please let me know if I hallucinated that. Either way, he’s going to be waking up next to a naked Max, thanks to a combination of alcohol and Alicia.


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5 responses to “Casualty: More to Hide

  1. thebigmart

    There was a scene when Charlie asked Gloria whatever happened to the guy who used to bully him. It then turns out to be her husband. I am sure this has been done (maybe on a different programme) previously.

  2. amyward3

    Episode 31 of series 30 it was revealed that Jez was bisexual. Iain was so busy trying to work out which side Jez batted for he didn’t realise that his (then) girlfriend was having the day from hell having treated the pregnant (now of age) girlfriend of her paedophilic ex-husband…

  3. I think it was established pretty soon after he arrived that Jez is bi. In fact I thought he was trying to get Iain away from Rita, hence the posion he was pouring into Iain’s ear about her.

  4. I think I missed a few episodes around the time Jez arrived, so thank you Amy & Penny for filling in the gaps in my knowledge 🙂

    • amyward3

      No problem. If you missed the above ep (“Survivors”) Sue I’d highly recommend it as one to catch up on. A heart-wrenching one for Rita and a reminder of some of what we are now missing – one of Chloe Howman’s finest performances imo. Looking back it was obviously the start of her exit storyline. Personally I’m not sure the show can recover from that departure on the back of so many others last series. I’m struggling to connect with those that remain currently sadly 😦

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