Holby City: Another roll of the dice

isaac-dom-holby(Series 18, ep. 50) Dr Isaac Mayfield has certainly changed his taste in men. His current beau is the wonderful Dr Dominic Copeland, but in this episode we met his ex. Miles Richardson, King of the Revolutionary Spleen Procedure (Jonathan Firth), was one of those creepy/scary/weird people that, if they sidled up to you at a party, you would make every excuse to get away from. I think he was supposed to have charisma, but he was nasty and manipulative and I didn’t like him at all. He wasn’t very nice to our Dominic, which made Dom go all possessive and defensive with Isaac. Given his history with Lee and the fact that he’s only just starting to trust Isaac, I think this was an understandable response. 

ollie-jac-jasmine-holbyI can also understand Jac’s response to her half sister, Little Miss Sunshine. The interactions between them generally involve Jasmine bouncing up and down like an attention-seeking toddler, and Jac batting her away like an irritating fly. This may change as Jac discovers that Jasmine has excellent medical skills, but for now she’s making Jasmine work extra hard for any crumb of recognition. When Jasmine asked her how she was planning to do a tricky procedure Jac said, “That’s for me to know and you to witness in awe and wonder,” which was a classic and beautiful Jac line, but not really what you want in a teaching hospital.

This week Jac found out that Jasmine and Oliver Valentine are an item, and she correctly (in my opinion) pointed out that “He’s a one woman man, and you’re not her.” But so much for sisterly support.

ric-serena-holbyTalking of sisterly support, the beautiful double act of Bernie and Serena continued on AAU, where for much of the time they had nothing much to do apart from watching Ric Griffin being dazzled by a glamourous French patient (Félicité Du Jeu). But they did it in such a fun way, with plenty of meaningful glances. Serena and Ric went to Albie’s for a drink at the end of the shift and got to discussing relationships. Serena admitted that there was someone special in her life, and told him it was Bernie. “That is not what I was expecting,” said Ric.

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9 responses to “Holby City: Another roll of the dice

  1. Chloe Derbyshire

    I’ve probably got the wrong end of the stick here, so I’m gonna ask your opinion, when Jac said to Jas about Ollie, “He’s a one woman man and you’re not it,” who was she on about?

    • I took it to mean that Jac knows Ollie is still in love with Zosia.

      • Chloe Derbyshire

        See now I think I’ve read it completely wrong, because I first took it to mean Tara… Then I saw loads of comments on Twitter suggesting she was on about Zosia so, I thought I’d ask you lot…

      • Do you remember when Ollie and Zosia first kissed, and then he went off somewhere abroad by himself for a while? When he came back he said he’d been struggling with the idea that he was somehow being unfaithful to Tara by loving another woman. Jac had to manipulate him into saying how he felt about Zosia by pretending that Zosia had a job offer somewhere else. So I think you’re right, she did mean Tara, but she also meant Zosia as well. Ollie isn’t a person who gives his heart away easily.

  2. mrssatan

    Jonathan Firth played Rhys Davies Jones in the Inspector Lynley Mysteries episode Payment in Blood, and that character was just as creepy as Miles! Seems he has a knack for that type of role *shudders*. (Catherine Russell was also in ILM as the third incarnation of Helen Lynley nee Clyde, and Jemma Redgrave was Grace Finnegan in one episode of the show… yes, I do play “Spot the ILM Alumni” in everything I watch because I am an ILM obsessive!)

    Now I have bored you to tears let’s get back to Holby: HH was as awesome as ever, I loved Serena and Bernie mocking Ric, Jac is perfect as ever, you are spot on with your description of Jasmine (an irritating fly! 😂), I am still finding Raf adorable (no time for a drink as he had to get back to the Fletchlings), and I don’t trust Isaac as far as I could throw him – run Dom, run!

  3. Sarah

    Eeeww Isaac’s ex was creepy!! But then I’m not entirely convinced Isaac isn’t going to turn out to be a creepy freak too – he’s too chirpy!

    I thought Hanssen sending Ric to oversee that patient was ridiculous. Could they not come up with a better reason for him to be there that didn’t just come across as Hanssen being a mysoginist and not trusting TWO of his senior female consultants (who looked liked they’d nothing better to do anyway) to treat a VIP patient? This love in between Hanssen and Ric is making me queasy. Or maybe that’s just Ric on his own.

  4. holbybunners

    Maybe HH thought Ric looked lonely .. or maybe he was making a point to the MP about Rics non-job …

    Yes I too do not trust Isaac .. and neither does Dom I suspect. However when I see them together I am reminded that Dom himself has an extremely dodgy past in respect of men friends … Malik anyone?

  5. @Sarah and @holbybunners – Maybe Hanssen was playing a smart game, because Ric did get useful information from Francoise about Tristan Wood, who previously sidelined Ric for the deputy CEO job.

    • Sarah

      Honestly I think it was an attempt by the writers to make a character who passed his sell by date a few series ago to seem vaguely relevant. And isn’t the whole flirting/dating patients thing a no-no (look how it turned out with Dom and Lee)? Can’t see Hanssen encouraging that and thought Serena was OTT.

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