Casualty: The good guys

ethan-alicia-casualty(Series 31, ep. 4) Ethan is one of the good guys. We know this because (a) we know this and (b) it was mentioned at least twice during the episode. But is a good guy what Alicia is looking for? At the beginning of the episode it seemed like what she was mainly looking for was a good time, and that’s not really Ethan unless your idea of a good time is hunkering down with a mug of cocoa and a Big Bang Theory box set.

But when some hapless joggers fell through the treacherously porous surface of Holby Forest, Ethan and Alicia were mobilised to provide on-site pain relief. Well done, Elle – good plan to send people who’ve recently been trapped in the debris of an explosion and make them go down a dark hole. But it gave Ethan the chance to demonstrate that he’s actually quite brave, and to get a panicking Alicia safely back to daylight. 

So he’s one of the good guys and he’s quite the hero, and Alicia decided to pounce. Sadly tequila doesn’t mix with wine and whisky (who knew?) and she ended the evening barfing on Ethan’s shoes and having to be put to bed with a sick bowl and a glass of water. Will Ethan get another chance? Will he want one?

noel-casualtyBack at the hospital, the evil Board turned down Louise’s pitch for £3,000 to do up the relatives room. This was to make it all comfy and relaxing for people who were receiving “the worst news ever” (like a neutral colour scheme and a few cushions would make that any better), and also to fix up the hole Louise herself made when she was in a strop.

Noel – another good guy – had a go furnishing the place via Holby’s premier second hand scheme. The results, while quite festive, we’re not really relaxing or appropriate for a hospital. Heaven knows how many germs that stuffed squirrel was harbouring. Louise enlisted Noel’s help to raise some money and get it all sorted out to a standard that both pleased Louise’s discerning eye and didn’t contravene health and safety rules.

connie-casualtyGrace is still in a coma, and Connie is still by her bedside, apart from a quick trip home to get changed and have a bath. Jacob is being lovely and doing his best to help her, but she’s only focused on Grace and barely acknowledges him. I can’t tell whether we’re supposed to be feeling that Connie isn’t being fair on Jacob, but I think anyone would react the same way she is under the circumstances and I hope he understands. He is supposed to be one of the good guys, after all.

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  1. Definitely a lotta good guys. Is anyone a bad guy at the moment? Oh yes, Grace’s dad, though I have a feeling he’s morphing into another good guy …

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