Holby City – the book!



Not the actual cover!

I’m excited to announce I’m writing the first ever official, by arrangement with the BBC, Holby City book!

It’s a behind the scenes look at how the show gets to our screens, from the initial story ideas to the finished article we watch every Tuesday evening. The lovely people at Holby (and they are lovely) are being brilliant about letting me poke about and ask them lots of (probably annoying) questions. I’m finding out some fascinating stuff about the massive amount of work that goes into each episode, from the scripts to the filming, the actors to post production, and loads of stuff I wouldn’t even have thought of.

The book will be published later this year. Get email updates about how it’s coming along by following this link.


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23 responses to “Holby City – the book!

  1. That’s terrific news Sue. Congratulations! I can’t wait to read it.

  2. Collins1965

    That’s wonderful news Sue congratulations and needless to say I will be looking forward to seeing the finished product next spring!

  3. Jenny BG

    This is such exciting news! It’s fabulous to be able to just pick up a book to check up on a character and their previous storylines and history. I so look forward to buying it 🙂

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  5. thebigmart

    Congrats Sue. Perhaps when it is published you can do an interview on your local hospital radio station 😉

    Good luck.

  6. N Samels

    Many congratulations! I was always sure they followed your blog!

  7. Brilliant!! That’ll be on my Amazon Wish List.

  8. Corumba Love

    Congratulations PLA: very pleased, proud and happy for you. All balanced nicely by my small-minded envy.

    I’ll pop by with a fully loaded Elliot Hope Donut Cart for the launch.


  9. Joanne Walsh

    Wowza. That’s brilliant hunny. xxx

  10. Andrew P

    What exciting news, well done! Only been reading your blog a relatively short time, but your obvious enjoyment of the series is clear to see, so I think you’ll make a fantastic behind-the-scenes reporter.

    I hope your book will serve as a public health warning as well, to all relatives of those who work at Holby, that going to the hospital is the surest way to deadly disease, death or dismemberment yet discovered, and stem this dreadful tide!

  11. Rachel Fleming

    Congratulations- I have always wanted a Holby City book to be released and I am even more glad that you will be writing it since I think your blog is fantastic!!

  12. Ann Colebourn

    I am so looking forward to your book. I’ve been a fan of Holby City since it first started. Can’t wait. Well done on doing this massive undertaking, it’s certainly appreciated by me at least x

  13. Dawn Hiles

    Can’t wait for this book 😍😍😍

  14. Eileen Donohoe

    Great news!

  15. Jan Botterill

    Do you need a secretary please please?!