Holby City: I’m looking out for him

fletch-holby(Series 18, ep. 49) I was absolutely gripped by this week’s episode. I don’t think there’s a Holby fan on the planet who doesn’t like Fletch. He’s a genuine, kind, caring, funny man who just wants to help people and make a living so he can support his kids. So I was rooting for Fletch, and I love Raf and the bromance between them, so I was rooting for Raf, too. As well as being engaged with the human side of the story, I was intrigued by the puzzle of the mystery illness that got worse and worse, and even had the best medics in TV-land stumped for a while. It was nail-biting stuff, and thank heavens for Bernie, an oasis of calm among all the angst.

mikey-fletcher-holbyA special mention also for Kai O’Loughlin, who plays Mikey Fletcher. This week he subdued his cheeky chappie persona a bit (usually he seems about to burst into a chorus of ‘Consider Yourself At Home‘ at any moment, which is a lovely thing to watch but wouldn’t have been appropriate here) and he was brilliant. He’s completely believable as Fletch’s son and has masses of charm, personality and talent. His scene with Hanssen was absolutely precious. I was glad it was Mikey who provided the clue that eventually led to a diagnosis. “He’s okay now. I’m looking out for him,” he said. 

zosia-holbyElsewhere, romantic issues were high on the agenda. Oliver Valentine and Jasmine are apparently an item, and Jasmine has quickly gone from being ever-so-casual about relationships to insisting that Ollie told Zosia what was going on. Unfortunately, it seems that Zosia isn’t at all over him. All he had to do was speak a bit of Spanish (he was translating for a patient and her rather over-dramatic friend) and Zosia went a little bit breathless. At various points it seemed that Ollie is not over Zosia either, but Jasmine had other ideas and Zosia caught them having a store room moment. I really didn’t like the way Jasmine undermined Zosia on the ward later, particularly as she had a very smug look on her face as she did so. That’s not very sensitive or very nice, and perhaps Little Miss Sunshine isn’t as sunny as she looks. She does have Paula Burrows’ genes, after all.

essie-sacha-holbyOn Keller, Sacha and Essie were doing their best to move on after their breakup last week. Sacha’s shirt was loud even by his standards. It literally took Hanssen’s breath away, but he declined to comment. “I think Dr Copeland is a better arbiter of the sartorial zeitgeist than am I,” he said. Sacha had enrolled on a cookery course and was going to try out for the hospital choir. Essie was trying out a new hairstyle and had signed up for scuba diving. It seems that moving on is quite literally hard work, so they gave up, temporarily, and went for a drink instead. Whether they get back together or not, I hope they stay friends. They had such fun winding Dominic up after he accidentally broke a hideously naff statuette that neither of them liked. I loved Dominic’s initial response to it: “What the merry hell is that?” It made me laugh out loud, and considering that Fletch was in the throes of a mystery creeping paralysis at the time, that was quite an achievement.

Have you seen the Autumn trailer yet? I’m quite giddy with anticipation about it all. I’m also giddy with anticipation about a Big Holby-Related Thing I’m going to reveal later on today…


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12 responses to “Holby City: I’m looking out for him

  1. Martin

    Arterial Zeitgeist? Sartorial, surely?

  2. fredpipes

    Excellent review again! It seems to be a theme in Holby that someone comes in with something minor (or a screwdriver stabbing in Fletch’s case), they take a rapid turn for the worse, then are diagnosed in the nick of time with something completely different that nobody noticed before. Is it the Holby bed linen does it? Anyway, now he’s diagnosed it can only get better! Can’t it?

  3. Dawn

    I loved this episode, it captured the balance of angst and humour brilliantly. Hospitals are always a blend of the two with everything in between thrown in for good measure and in this episode it just worked. Although staff don’t generally end up as patients, especially as often as they do in Holby (perhaps the redundant Holby Care could be turned into a staff ward?) it is quite emotional for colleagues when they do, but we have to rise above it and be professional and I think that was shown well last night.

    I do have to say that I was very worried by the lack of diagnostic skills last night. I was yelling Guillan-Barré syndrome from the moment the scans came back clear.

    One last thing – “Arterial zeitgeist” Sue? I know it is a hospital but I still think it was sartorial zeitgeist.

  4. Jenny BG

    Brilliant, as always Sue. Isn’t it amazing that a programme can get us so immersed in the characters…..I really don’t know why Holby hasn’t won tons of awards.

  5. Sartorial zeitgeist? Autocorrect fails again?

  6. Thank you to everyone who pointed out that auto-correct had changed “sartorial” to “arterial”! It almost did it again while I was trying to fix it – obviously the default setting of my iProducts is “medical.”

  7. Collins1965

    You have me intrigued now Sue about your revelation, don’t keep us guessing too long!!

  8. Barbara

    I’m on hols so had to record episode. No Mo & Mr.T then? I already dislike Mr. T’s fiancée – he and Mo must get together!!

  9. holbybunners

    Given the evident fertility of Nurse Fletcher – in that he only has to look at a woman and she becomes pregnant – maybe Essie need look no further for a Baby Father? However I doubt he will be well enough for some months.

    Apart from that it seemed that the patient with the kidney transplant and her beau “spoke the brains” of Mo/Essie in that they had waited a long time for a baby. I saw both Mo and Essie looking meditative .

    I too liked the episode but I got the diagnosis of Fletch’s mystery illness wrong – I thought it might be due to some foodie treat that Mikey had smuggled in.. So well done Dawn …

    (FAIL in Televisual medicine ..)

    • holbybunners

      Whoops – a couple of typos ..Senior Brain problems obvs.
      I should have said:
      the patient with the kidney transplant and her beau “spoke the brains” of SACHA/Essie in that they had waited a long time for a baby. I saw both SACHA and Essie looking meditative .

      (And there were some other significant comments too from the same or other patients which related to Sacha/Essie ..)

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