Casualty: Thunderbolt and lightning, very very frightening

jac-casualty(Series 31, ep. 3) A man was struck by lightning near the beginning of this episode, and his wife said it was nature’s way of letting him know he’d been too cautious and had to embrace new experiences. Personally the lesson I took from it is not to hang out of a metal-framed window during a thunder storm, but that’s me being excessively cautious again.

robyn-casualtyThe lightning  message resonated with Robyn, whose boyfriend Glen only has two years to live. He doesn’t have a “bucket list” but Robyn does, so they’ve started on her bucket list with a trip to Euro Disney. Bless. 

connie-casualtyBut will Grace be going to Euro Disney any time soon, or indeed ever? Things weren’t looking at all good for her this week, medically speaking. There were problems with her brain and her heart, which meant that Jac and Selfie were summoned from Upstairs to have their usual argument about whether hearts or brains were the priority. Then Grace’s heart situation deteriorated, which meant the glorious Jac became the one with the life of Grace, and the hopes of the hospital, in her hands.

It’s the kind of situation where Jac excels, even with Connie chipping in from the sidelines, until she fainted (Connie, not Jac). The latest news is that Grace came through surgery well, but she isn’t out of the woods yet.

sam-strachan-casualtySam Strachan had arrived to be with his daughter. He got a cute smile from Jac, which was nice and realistic because they were old colleagues, but Connie was less welcoming, at one point dismissing him as merely a sperm donor. Considering that Grace lived with him in America for quite a while, this was heinously unfair, but she’s in shock and that so we’ll let her off.

This could all go on for weeks, by which time Charlie Fairhead will be a shadow of his former self because he’s been keeping a more or less round the clock vigil over Grace and Connie, while also keeping up with the day job. Luckily he has St Duffy to keep an eye on him and make sure he remembers to blink occasionally.

iain-casualtyIain’s problem wasn’t with his eyes, it was with his ears. After seeming to walk away from the helicopter crash so unscathed he could go for nights out with the cast of Holby, it turns out he has a perforated eardrum and an infection. He’s been sent home with some antibiotics.

And in other news, it’s good to hear that the Holby version of Monopoly includes the Farmead Estate – presumably occupying the Old Kent Road corner of the board. I wonder what’s in the dark blue corner?

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  1. Lizz

    Wherever Hanssen lives I suspect.
    Great review as ever.

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