Holby City: You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone

bernie-serena-holby(Series 18, ep. 48) I know not everyone is on board with the whole #Berena thing. There are some who are against it for the same reasons that Coronation Street has had to fend off complaints recently, and I’ve got no time for that view. There are others who would have preferred Bernie and Serena to have remained as supportive colleagues, and that does make sense and would have been a nice relationship to explore. But where could that have gone, drama-wise, much beyond “Gosh that was a hard day. Let’s kick back with a nice bottle of Shiraz”? It certainly wouldn’t have delivered such blissfully toe-curling scenes as we had last night, as Serena ‘fessed up to a comatose Fletch that she kissed a girl and she liked it, and the even more blissful scenes she shared with Bernie. I’m all for a storyline that brings out the beautifully subtle and elegant comic talents of Catherine Russell. She and Jemma Redgrave are brilliant together, and I’m looking forward to watching this story develop. 

sacha-essie-holbyWhile one relationship teeters on the threshold of beginning, another was on the way out. I haven’t been a great fan of the Sacha/Essie relationship, mainly because for most of the time she was frowning disapprovingly at him, giving him what I took to calling “Chrissie face,” and he’d had enough of that with the real Chrissie. I have warmed to Essie recently and I have to say the scenes of their break-up were very sad. Bob Barrett and Kaye Wragg acted their socks off. It was Sacha’s birthday, too.

The issue of whether to have children or not was what tore them apart, and there was a poignant moment when Essie congratulated Mo on her pregnancy, and Mo responded that it wasn’t ideal, but when life gives you lemons you just have to crack on and make lemonade.

mr-t-mo-holbyThe reason that Mo was less than thrilled about her situation was that Mr T (MR T!!!) was back – but he wasn’t alone. There was a soon-to-be-Mrs T with him, in the form of new nurse Inga Olsen, and they are hideously couply (“Work kiss!”). Mr T was still obviously angry with Mo about the way she treated him, but all the same, when nobody was looking apart from we the viewers at home, you can tell he still loves her. Not wanting to complicate the situation she’s told him that the baby isn’t his.

ric-mo-mr-t-inga-holbyAnd what about Inga? She confused me a little bit the first time she appeared in her uniform, because I thought Cara was back. Then I thought it was Jasmine. My ageing eyesight can only cope with so much blonde-ness. Inga gives every appearance of being as nice as pie, but possibly a rather indiscreet pie, judging by the way she dropped news of Mo’s pregnancy when she knew Mo hadn’t told anyone but Hanssen yet.

Finally – how is Fletch doing? For a start, Alex Walkinshaw scores extra points with me by actually looking like someone who’s just woken up from a coma after he was woken up from his coma. He looked all sleepy and confused, and like his mouth was dry. He wasn’t helped by Serena waffling on about whether he’d actually heard anything that had been said to him while he was asleep – things like, “Serena Campbell – lesbian” (he might have heard that, but he wouldn’t have seen the amused smile that accompanied it). So all is well with Fletch and he’s on the road to recovery. Unless you hung on to wait for the preview of next week’s episode, in which case – Be Very Worried.


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3 responses to “Holby City: You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone

  1. Lauren

    Same I actually thought it was Jasmine or Cara from a distance!

  2. Andrew P

    I admit to being unthrilled at the prospect of Berena, but I will also admit that this week was actually fun in that respect, and hats off to the Catherine Russell and Jemma Redgrave for that. My hope is that now it’s less of a ‘will they’ than a ‘how will they’ it will lead to something a bit lighter in the drama department.

    Thrilled by the return of Mr T, here’s hoping that works out with Mo. My secret theory is that his wife-to-be has only tagged onto him so that she can get a job at Holby without arousing suspicion, to assassinate Hansen; freeing Mr T to dump her.

    Also, I don’t watch the previews, but I had a very bad feeling about Fletch, when Serena said he was speaking a little slowly…wait, isn’t that Chekhov’s stethoscope above the fireplace…

  3. patricia owen

    We are now all left hanging about several outcomes, which is how it gets you back next week! Great stuff, love it ……

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