Casualty: Post-traumatic helicopter aftermath episode

louise casualty(Series 31, ep. 2) I love Louise, mainly because she spends most of her time giving evils to one person or another because she doesn’t like them. There always seems to be someone Louise doesn’t like.

This week it was the turn of Elle, who was in charge of the department while Connie recuperates. She was doing her best to gee up the staff after last week’s horrors, but she wasn’t making a good job of it. Cue lots of evil stares and eye-rolling from Louise, who was probably thinking, “Where’s Dr Zoe Hanna when you need her?” 

To be fair to Louise, she was feeling a bit post-traumatic herself and should really have been at home with a carton of Ben & Jerry’s and a box set of Game of Thrones. Instead she had to get stuck in to a Tricky Case, and it involved a heavily pregnant woman who thought she had schizophrenia because she could hear her unborn baby. It was fairly obvious she was going to turn out to have something wrong with her ears, but for most of the episode only Louise thought that, and everybody else thought she needed a psych consult. In these cases the doctor or nurse with the maverick opinion is almost always right, but it was a good story line which even had a bit of extreme self-caesarean action, without even the use of a robot-assisted surgery pod.

duffy charlie casualtyLuckily Louise had the soothing presence of St Duffy on hand if things got too much. The Sainted One has been persuaded to come back full time, too.

Meanwhile, Ethan and Alicia seemed to be getting close since their near-death experience last week, but when Alicia’s mother was diagnosed with gonorrhoea and it turned out that her dad was a serial adulterer, it made Alicia think a steady relationship wasn’t for her and she left Nibbles high and dry in the pub.

Medical update: Grace is as well as can be expected. Which is more than can be said for Robyn’s boyfriend, who only has two years to live.

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