Holby City: A hospital’s a dangerous place

fletch holby(Series 18, ep. 47) For those who watch Holby but not Casualty, the ‘Previously’ segment brought us up to speed on Connie’s accident and Saturday’s helicopter crash. Then we saw Fletch, who’d been a part of the helicopter mayhem, giving us a little talk about what a difficult but rewarding job he had. Directly to camera he said, “You just gotta remember, a hospital’s a dangerous place.” Nobody who’s watched Holby for very long would doubt that for a minute, but it added an extra twist of tension.

Fletch had the unenviable task of looking after Stephanie Simms, the woman who’d caused Connie and Grace’s car accident. She was under police guard, because there was a chance she’d try to escape. She spent most of the time trying to get inside Fletch’s head by asking him about his children. She’s a manipulative one, but Fletch was on to her. “If you get a chance, give that bitch a morphine overdose,” Connie told him, which in hindsight might have been the best course of action, but he’s way too professional for that sort of thing. 

To add to the general worries on AAU there was also a patient who’d been sort of stalking Bernie, and he thought that Stephanie Simms was out to get her. Fletch thought he needed a psych consult, but Bernie wasn’t convinced until she saw the patient’s somewhat disturbing sketch pad.

fletch holby cityThe next thing we knew, we were in the basement. Nothing good ever happens in the basement, and when it also contains the evil Stephanie trying to escape and the disturbed sketch pad man trying to stop her before she can harm Bernie, you’ve got a perfect storm of basement trouble. Bernie wasn’t even there, but Fletch was, just in time to see the man threaten Stephanie with a screwdriver. Then the screwdriver ended up embedded in Fletch.

Not Fletch! He’s so absolutely lovely, and he looks like he gives such good hugs (he’d hugged Morven earlier, because the poor love was shattered after a double shift looking after the post-Casualty casualties). Serena and Bernie did their best for him in the operating theatre, but it’s not looking all that good for him.

bernie serena holbySerena and Bernie sat outside the operating theatre, deflated and emotional. Bernie said it was all her fault because she hadn’t taken sketch pad man seriously enough. Serena said that was stuff and nonsense because Bernie was just about the most wonderfulest doctor since Hippocrates (or words to that effect) – and then Bernie kissed her. Serena only looked a tiny bit surprised, and then kissed her back. A nation of #Berena fans threw their hats in the air and shouted “Hurrah!” We’ve seen those meaningful looks and extended eye gaze moments and knew this was always on the cards – but what I really want to see is how they’ll both react now. Will Serena start flirting madly with Ric Griffin in an attempt to prove her heterosexual credentials? Will they both try to pretend nothing happened (like Ollie and Zosia after their first kiss)? Or will they woman up and accept that #Berena is a Thing? We’ll have to wait and see.

cameron morven holbyIn the meantime, Morven had been home, cleaned the house from top to bottom and done several days of volunteering at a homeless shelter, where she met Bernie’s lovely son Cameron. Jasmine was doing a stint riding in an ambulance with Jez and Iain off of Casualty (the latter fairly well recovered from his helicopter ordeal) and they all went for a night out together. They didn’t go to Albie’s though, because Casualty staff are not allowed in there.


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7 responses to “Holby City: A hospital’s a dangerous place

  1. Vaudelin

    Thanks for the great review Sue. I have to say though that I didn’t like this episode of Holby at all. I absolutely loved last week’s episode – what on earth happened this week?! I was utterly bored with the Morven storyline which is not like me at all because I think she is a brilliant character. Luckily I was watching on catch-up so I could fast forward – I never ever fast forward Holby. As for “Berena” – I am not sure what that is all about as it is just seems so out of character for Serena to kiss Bernie. Policital correctness gone mad in my opinion. And poor Fletch – what an awful thing to happen to lovely Fletch. That was just about the end for me. A fitting end to an awful episode. Probably the worst episode of Holby I have ever seen. I hope it gets better next week!

  2. Marin

    Hurrah for #Berena! I wasn’t actually sure they were going to go in that direction (although I’d kind of wondered what they were doing with those two characters if that wasn’t the case), so it was nice to see that oh, they actually did go there. They went there! hashtag berena love is real

    The only thing that has caught in my mind is whether Alex is still ‘a thing’ – Cameron said something to the effect of “now Alex is gone”, but from the episode that featured her I kind of got the feeling that she was still sort of waiting for Bernie to get herself sorted and go after her? If Holby wants to create maximum drama I’m sure they’ll end up with a situation where Alex just so happens to end up working in the hospital as well as Cameron just so happening to work in the hospital. Holby nepotism never fails. Anyway, regardless of my feelings towards “what about Alex?” it’s worth it for all the comments I saw on various sites being all “I hope they’re not going to be gay, why does everybody have to be gay these days, so out of character”. Sorry that established bisexual Bernie Wolfe happens to kiss women, I guess? And god, Serena needs a romance storyline that isn’t an utter trainwreck. (Here’s hoping that #berena won’t turn into an utter trainwreck.)

    I am more sure than I have been of anything in my life that Cameron will DEFINITELY end up working at the hospital. I liked him well enough previously, but he came across a little… creepy in this episode? A lot of unblinking staring. And I guess he got over that older woman he’d been having an affair with quick enough to be around to ask Morven vaguely inappropriate questions about her husband. Gotta love how he just so happened to be volunteering at the same place as Morven, too. Holby: smallest world on television.

    Iain was IN THE HELICOPTER! Oh my god Iain take some time off or something.

    I hope Fletch will be okay :\ his life is already a neverending cavalcade of depressing things happening without his kids being suddenly orphaned. Didn’t sound good for him, though 😦

    • I agree with you, I’m so happy that Berena has finally happened. The writers said that they had been planning this from the moment that Jemma joined the cast. Bernie has been a little inconsistent at times but I think her and Serena will make a great couple once they actually get together. I feel we may be in for a few weeks of them dancing around each other and Serena figuring out what to do. Perhaps Alex will turn up and this will make her see what she really wants. I don’t think this relationship is any more forced than Dom’s one night stand turning up and working at the hospital. They have been moving towards this with the characters for a while.
      Poor Fletch. Will they ever give him and his children a break. I really hope he makes it through this. Although I’m not sure what they will do with him if he does. I was a bit disappointed that he didn’t get a mention in Casualty. I wish there was more cross over between the two shows but I know geographically that’s a problem. Looking forward to seeing how Mo reacts to Mr T being back tomorrow.

  3. Andrew P

    I must admit I’m not thrilled at the thought of “Berena”; I feel that the writers have been spending more time manoeuvring their relationship than they have in building them up as characters.

    Bernie made a big mistake in this episode, not listening to Fletch sufficiently; she’s been seen to be indecisive, and inconsistent; whereas she was initially presented as a very strong character. She’s a top surgeon, who’s survived war zones; not that she can’t also be human, but let’s see her doing some cool surgery, and making good decisions, too. And Serena is now rarely allowed to be competent for long, without something going wrong, caused by her distractions.

    It seems a shame if the main aspect of these two strong women’s character is going to be the focus on their love life. Relationships have always been a part of Holby, but this one seems too forced. However, I will wait to see how it unfolds, I may yet be surprised.

  4. Emma

    I think the thing I find frustrating about “berena” is that if you have a gay woman and a straight woman as friends in a soap, the straight woman inevitably ends up in a relationship with the gay one – witness mickey and donna years ago and yet after mickey went, donna didn’t have a single other gay relationship.
    I’ve never seen the same thing happen with men. I loved the Arthur/Dominic relationship because it never became a relationship and the 2 ambulance men were clearly able to be friends without benefits.
    The writers decided Dominic needed a b/f so they’ve conveniently brought in a gay man for him. Why couldn’t he have a straight one that’s already there, Oliver valentine for example, if it’s that simple for women to change attraction.

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