Holby City: The cake eating man and the tell-tale kidney

image(Series 18, ep. 44) Another triumph for the casting department, this time in the form of Bernie’s son Cameron (Nic Jackman). He really did look like he could be related to Bernie, not just in looks but something about his manner – that quality that Bernie has that I can only describe as “stillness.” He had that too, and obviously it’s not all about the casting but also the actors working well together.

Cameron succumbed to the Curse of The Holby Relative by becoming a patient, following a car accident for which he was taking the blame. It was a complicated and interesting story which had Bernie covering for Cameron and Serena covering for Bernie when the alleged passenger in the car was found to have a kidney injury that could only be caused to the person driving. 
The most important aspect of the story was that Cameron had once met Alex (the woman Bernie was in love with in the army) and he spotted straight away that Bernie looks at Serena the same way she used to look at Alex. Ooh! I’m not sure Bernie had even realised that herself – but she has now. This is getting very interesting.

I know we have rather a lot of people’s relatives joining the hospital staff in one capacity or another (Serena’s nephew, Mo’s dad, Jac’s sister, Selfie and Selfie Jr, Raf and Dr Amy Smug etc etc), but I wouldn’t mind at all if Cameron decided to join Holby when he’s finished with medical school. I think he’d be quite an asset.

Talking of relatives, Sacha and Essie aren’t yet legally related, and it’s looking less likely that they ever will be. Mel the Pharmacist had made them a mock-up of a proposed wedding cake, and it was fabulous (as is Mel, who is eccentric, random, funny and rather touching). The cake featured “a surgeon doing a bowel resection in fondant icing,” which was the best thing ever, but Essie failed to be impressed. Mel seems to have a bit of a crush on Sacha. She complained that she has two cats and she bakes – for anyone. “Whereas you have a bold, brave, cake-eating man,” she told Essie. Once again Sacha finds himself being under-appreciated by his official partner, while others are well able to see what a glorious specimen of humanity he really is.

Morven – looking incredibly beautiful but also incredibly sad – was spending her day off on Darwin doing a research project. Bless her, she can’t cope with being home alone. Luckily it seems she doesn’t have to, as Jasmine needed somewhere to live, so she’ll be moving in. They might drive each other mad, but hopefully Jasmine’s sunny personality will help to bring some smiles back to Morven’s life.

We’ve got a long wait to find out what happens next, because the BBC have decided that we really want to spend our Tuesday evenings watching pole vaulting or some such nonsense for the next couple of weeks.


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7 responses to “Holby City: The cake eating man and the tell-tale kidney

  1. The end of your review sums up my opinions on the lack of Holby almost perfectly…

  2. Dawn

    I’m decidedly unimpressed by the BBC’s priorities. I DON’T want to watch sport of any kind rather than Holby. Isn’t it funny how whenever there is sport everything of interest goes to the wall? There has been rather a lot of it this year, what with the World Cup in addition to the usual Wimbledon. You would think the sport lovers were the only ones paying the licence fee!!

  3. I really liked the Bernie Serena storyline this week. Them delivering the baby together at the start was lovely. I quite liked her son once they had their little chat at the end.
    I think Morven and Jasmine will make really interesting flatmates. I enjoyed them working together this week and I think Jasmine will be just what Morven needs.
    Am I the only one who found Mel the pharmacist a little bit creepy? There was just something about her that seemed a little bit menacing about her. I think she is looking to push an even bigger gap between Essie and Sacha. I really wish they would just let the both of them be happy together.

  4. thebigmart

    The BBC are supposed to be strapped for cash. Look how many red button channels there are with the Olympics being shown.

  5. holbybunners

    I am cross too – even the news starts with the Olympics .. so much going on in the world too ..

    I NEED a hospital siege and a patient with a hard-to-diagnose disease to cheer me up

    Bah …
    PS Thanks for another great review !

  6. boods

    We’ve been filling the Holby/Casualty gap with the DVDs I’ve dug out of storage — Series 1-3. Mr Boods isn’t much of a fan and really only knows the programme through osmosis, but asks me on occasion ‘What’s Dr Party Pants [Zoe] up to these days?’ and was surprised to learn I had the first series. He wanted to see ‘just the first few minutes’ of the first episode, and of course now he’s hooked. It’s been fun playing spot the star — and had to laugh when we hit an early episode in series 2, when I realised that a young copper character looked so familiar…because he was played by John Michie!

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