Holby: The beep wobbles

ric hanssen holby(Series 18, ep. 43) I’m not sure who commissioned the Digby memorial plaque that was unveiled by Ric in the Linden Cullen Memorial Shrubbery, but I’d be asking for a refund (it was rubbish) and also having serious words with the handy-person who made such a hash of nailing it up above the Pondering Pond.

It raised the question – what would be a fitting memorial for the late and much-loved doctor? I assume that those pesky Germans have rebadged the Digby Stent now, so that’s out.

It fell to Ric to solve this puzzle, and eventually he came up with the idea of an academy called the Arthur Digby Foundation, to seek out new medical talent wherever it might manifest itself (starting with Ric’s former boxing sparring partner, who was back again with a leaking aneurysm and a new interest in medicine). I don’t know who’s going to pay for all this, but let’s not worry our pretty heads about that because it’s a lovely idea.

It was a difficult day for Ric. He’s perhaps been worried that he didn’t do everything humanly possible for Digby (though of course he did), and this was made worse when Morven asked him about that very thing. Morven’s sadness breaks my heart, btw. This all led to Ric having a fit of what I shall call the “beep wobbles” – when you’re in the middle of some delicate surgery, the machines are going beep, there’s blood everywhere and you go a bit funny and someone has to take over. I really hope it doesn’t happen in real life as often as it happens in Holby. 

Ric asked Hanssen whether he’d ever suffered from the beep wobbles himself. “Sometimes even magnificence doesn’t bring you much joy,” said Henrik, enigmatically.

Talking of joy, though, every scene between Hugh Quarshie and Guy Henry was a thing of pure bliss. My favourite piece of dialogue:

Hanssen: “The team will benefit from your imperious gravitas.”

Ric: “Are you chatting me up?”

Hanssen: “Possibly.”


sacha holbyThat wasn’t the only beautiful Keller double act this week. Sacha and Dominic were busy providing comic relief, when an over-tired and over-caffeinated Sacha (“I can taste Colombia. It’s on my lips”) sent Ric a bit of a sweary first draft email by mistake, and then had to try to get into Ric’s computer to delete it before it was seen. The best bit was when Sacha shoved Dominic aside to get to the computer, and Dominic went gliding gracefully backwards on his chair. If you haven’t seen it I know that doesn’t exactly sound like a highlight, but the look on Dom’s face made me laugh out loud.

ollie jasmine holbyOn Darwin, meanwhile, recurring patient Lexy (the vicar who married Digby and Morven) was back, because her Herzig was malfunctioning. Not many people can say that, because not many people have got one. Jasmine was very excited to get that experience under her belt. She’s also been looking quite interested in adding Oliver Valentine to her CV, but was he ready to move on from Zosia? Lexy has a habit of turning up when Ollie needs advice, and her advice this time was that he needed to move on. I felt it was quite ambiguous advice, and he could have taken it to mean that he needed to make things right with Zosia. He didn’t, though. They passed each other in the corridor, and it was too sad – she loves him to bits but she’s holding it all in. He loves her, too, but when we last saw him he was literally giving the green light to Jasmine.

bernie serena holbySlightly too early to have come via the Arthur Digby Academy for Medical Wannabees, Jason has started work on AAU in an administrative capacity. His first job was to detect that Auntie Serena is not as productive as she could be, mainly because she’s always watching Jason. I think he should really work on a different ward, because his presence does seem to totally distract her. She was rather brusque with a patient who thought he had “a brain tumour camouflaged to look like a brain.” I know doctors have to spend a lot of time dealing with hypochondriac, googling time wasters, but when he said his father had had a brain tumour I thought she could have been a tad more sympathetic. Luckily Bernie was on hand with this week’s Tricky Diagnosis – electromagnetic hypersensitivity. And Jason was on hand to disable the wi fi in a side room so Bernie could test her theory out. Value for money already


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7 responses to “Holby: The beep wobbles

  1. There were so many great double acts in this episode. Hanssen and Ric, Serena and Bernie and Sacha and Dom. It felt like some much needed light relief after the weeks of sadness. I think Hanssen and Ric make a great pair and I’m looking forward to seeing them working together more. I was worried that Serena might get a bit side lined after stepping down but I think her and Bernie work brilliantly together.

  2. Gaynor

    I too absolutely loved the moment when Dom pushed back his chair whilst Sacha did his email. David Ames has such a fabulous expressive face and some also fabulous expressions.

  3. Mimi Ferrier

    Did anyone notice Henrik wore two different pairs of glasses last night?mm

  4. Thunderchild

    The Holby/Casualty timeline is obviously out of sync!

  5. Lauren Kaplan

    I am really loving Jasmine, her character is so funny and super interesting she is really making an already amazing Darwin with Mo, Zosia and Ollie even better!!! Holby is really at its best at the moment and I can’t wait for tomorrow nights episode.

  6. Very happy with the sensitive portrayal of electrical hypersensitivity. It really does happen this way. Often the last person to believe in their condition is the sufferer him or herself. Who gets greater exposure than the techie who refuses to believe that anything can be wrong with his beloved obsession?

    And doctors and nurses really are coming round to accepting that the condition is a physical one. Believe me, the drama does reflect real life. I have personal experience of a growing recognition and acceptance among medical staff, as do others I know. Sometimes the stories are astonishing. Almost everybody seems to have heard of it, and many privately admit that they know it is real, in spite of the official line.

    There is an atmosphere worldwide of people beginning to think for themselves on every issue. Fear is been replaced by the recognition that if we don’t think for ourselves the earth is finished, because those in authority have their own agendas not necessarily in concordance with our own.

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