Holby City: I got you, babe

bernie morven holby(Series 18, ep. 42) At one point in this episode, Morven told recurring character Hugh  (Keith Barron), that she thought Arthur’s favourite place had been right there in that very hospital. It’s hardly surprising, really. Is there any other workplace in the world where the staff are so supportive, kind and protective, while at the same time being at least 100% more attractive than the general population? Ok, there’s Selfie, but you have to mix it up with the occasional bad guy and even he has his moments.

holby cityThe episode dealt a lot with grief and moving on – variants of the old “life’s too short” axiom kept cropping up at regular intervals. It was Morven’s first day back at work after losing Arthur (apart from that time she popped up in the locker room to say goodbye to Cara). “I’m Dr Digby now,” she said, and that little phrase captured a whole world of love, bravery, pain and pride. [Side note: When I was a kid our GP’s were a husband and wife combo, and to differentiate between them everyone called them “Dr Corrigan and Dr Mrs Corrigan.” Now I’m all grown up, again I have a husband and wife GP combo, only now everyone – patients, receptionists – calls the female GP “the lady doctor.” Which (a) makes her sound like she has the same area of specialism as Mr T and (b) makes it sound like I live in Victorian England]. 

morven digby holbyGrief is making Morven wear her hair flatter, and it’s (understandably) made her personality flatter, too. It was a very realistic portrait of grief, as she struggled to bring her focus back to her work and to real life. It was made more challenging by having to deal with the new wife of Hugh. Again understandably Morven felt he’d moved on too quickly after losing his beloved wife, but she was seeing everything through the lens of her own pain and Hugh helped her to realise that future happiness is possible and not a betrayal of the person who’s gone. She was also helped by Bernie, who is marvellous at just being with someone who’s hurting and being a calm, reassuring presence. A little chat with Dominic also helped, and last but not least Arthur had left a little gift in the form of a memory stick with a video of him and Morven doing karaoke Sonny and Cher. It was lovely to see Digby again, and also his rucksack with the horses on it, which Morven took home.

ollie jasmine holbyElsewhere, Oliver Valentine had a job offer. Prof Elliot Hope wanted to lure him to Pakistan to help run a hospital there. Ollie was very tempted, especially when he came up against Selfie in one of his best “I hate you, Valentine” moods and Mo failed to support him in the way he felt Jac would have done (not because she likes him but because she always goes in to bat for Team Cardiothoracics). In the end he did his usual fabulous work in theatre, Mo admitted she was wrong, and I can’t remember if he withdrew his resignation or not, but there are at least three women who hope he did – me, Zosia and Jasmine. I’m enjoying how Jasmine and Zosia are both hankering after him. With Jasmine you can see that it’s mainly lust – he’s available, he’s pretty, so why wouldn’t you? Whereas with Zosia she’s trying so hard not to care, but you can see that she cares really deeply about him.

isaac dominic holbyDominic is beginning to care about Isaac, too, though it’s taking quite a bit to overcome the barriers he’s put up around his already quite barrier-strewn personality following Lee’s betrayal and Arthur’s death. Essie and Keller patient o’ the week Vince (Syrus Lowe) both helped him to realise that “life goes on” and Isaac is quite a catch. I imagine he could get irritating, because he’s a bit fond of a “prank.” Covering Ric’s car in Post-It notes was quite creative, though.

In other news, Serena, Ric, Sacha and Hanssen all had to participate in a Mindfulness Leadership Course, which hilariously involved yoga in the Linden Cullen Memorial Shrubbery. Mindfulness? The only thing on Serena’s mind was apparently how much she needed a nice glass of Shiraz to get over it.


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11 responses to “Holby City: I got you, babe

  1. Joyce Taylor

    Thank you Sue, once more, you have summed up last nights events perfectly. I thought it particularly poignant,that, in spite of his struggle with his eventual death,Arthur thought to leave Morven his love from beyond the grave in the form of that duet,so sweet!

  2. Morven actress & the writers deserve an award for last night, beautifully written & acted. Quiet dignity and emotional boot strap pulling. I know a number of female doctors. As one of them is fond of saying, I am Mrs X but Dr Y. Delineates her different roles perfectly.

    Am I the only one with a sneaking suspicion that Jasmine will turn out to be a (possibly long lost) sister, or other close relation, to Jac Naylor? She is doing a lot of (un)subtle digging for info/opinions about her.

    • holbybunners

      Dawn – Jasmine is 99% deffo Jacs half sister ..

      We briefly met her when Jac was conned into giving their Mum her kidney. In spite of only just having had the kidney op – Jac visited her Mum and new family on her motor cycle (natch). Jac then realised her mother .. along with a whole lot more .. had omitted to tell her about the half sister.

      With all this going on it is it is unsurprising that Jac burst her stitches. She was subsequently rescued by the (rather gorgeous but total love rat ) plastic surgeon from the US whose name I cant recall..

      I cant remember when all this happened either .. duh ..
      PS Great review .. as always ..

      • Well kind of, she wasn’t on her bike, she went in her car that time, after she’s been to collect some more meds for her mum, then she went home and realised she wasn’t there, found out where she’d gone and followed her, during which point, her wound got worse, which Michael (that gorgeous love rat of a plastic surgeon you were on about) had already warned her about, so Jac rang him and asked for his help, and after a bit of persuasion involving her running off into the middle of nowhere on a bus, Michael agreed to take her to see them, and that was when she found out all of that info…

        And as I recall, this happened back in Series 12, which I think was broadcast in 2009…

    • Joyce Taylor

      totally agree!

  3. Andrew P

    I also liked how it was one of Digby’s case notes that helped Morven solve the case, sort of like they were working together one last time. However, I do wonder whether, as time goes on, she might struggle to be able to move on, or be able to live her own life again; or will she feel that – as the only Dr Digby left – she’s somehow letting him down if she doesn’t do well? But for now, it was a very touching episode.

    Liking Jasmine as a new character, but not warming to Isaac, I must admit. Is he here for the long haul?

    I’m enjoying Evil Selfie, I wonder where that will go in the long run? Something on the phone about how his mother is ill – something brewing?

    Thanks as ever for the reviews, enjoy reading them.

    • thebigmart

      Valentine did decide to withdraw his resignation, at the same ime said she was not accepting it and tore it up!

      • thebigmart

        Whoops the keyboard is having a mind of its own – call Selfie 😉 What I meant to say above was “at the same time Mo said she was not accepting it and tore it up”.

    • “I also liked how it was one of Digby’s case notes that helped Morven solve the case, sort of like they were working together one last time.”

      I love that.

  4. holbybunners

    Ta – Chloe and Sue for clearing up my problems about Jacs younger sister and when we last saw her.

    I loved reading the old review too … I had forgotten that Jac and Paula had lived together for a bit but not about the gorgeous love rat plastic surgeon (except for his name).

    Ah MIchael Michael .. how we miss you .. sigh ..

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