Holby City: Welcome to the madhouse

essie holby(Series 18, ep. 41) I can imagine that when Sacha was at school he was one of those kids who gets “Tries very hard” on every school report. A for effort, and so on. Because he does try, and in his professional life he succeeds. In his romantic relationships with women, though, it’s the actual trying that seems to put them off. He jumped through hoops trying to persuade Chrissie that he was up to her exacting standards, and it’s been much the same story with Essie. I had thought, after their little talk about how her desire to have a baby was getting in the way of their desire for each other, that things might go smoothly for a while. Then the useless lump only went and tried to save her life. Good grief, what can you do with a man like that?

ryan sampson holbyIvor (Ryan Sampson), last week’s patient with the nasty abscess and the even nastier drug habit, was back this week and his leg had gone even yuckier. Sacha prescribed methadone. A new pharmacist, Mel (Jocelyn Jee Esien), thought he would be better off with morphine, but Sacha didn’t want to start giving a junkie morphine. Ignoring the pharmacist’s advice was probably a mistake, and it led to Mel and Essie in a hostage situation with Ivor in the pharmacy. 

This was all quite tense, with Mel having an asthma attack and then getting a nasty crack on the head. All the same, Essie thought she was dealing with it because she could relate to Ivor, having been no stranger to chemical enhancement herself when she was younger. Still, I can’t blame Sacha for hurtling in when he thought she was in danger. It certainly didn’t look to the casual glance like she had things under control, particularly as Mel was on the floor and in need of brain surgery. But Sacha is in the doghouse again.

serena jason holbyOn AAU, they have a new Trauma Unit. It’s a bed behind a plastic curtain, and it has its own red Trauma Phone and everything. Exciting! Hanssen was excited, anyway. I wondered whether it made him remember the heady days when Sahira Shah the Registrah had her own Trauma Phone. We shall never know.

With Bernie temporarily away dealing with her divorce, Serena was about to get stuck in to the very first Trauma when the familiar cry went up, “Auntie Serena! Where are you?” It’s been a while since we saw Jason, but he wasn’t just randomly wandering about this time. He was the actual cause of the injuries to the AAU patient o’ the week – who was his girlfriend Celia (Zara Jayne). She was easy to recognise because she was the one with a park railing through her.

Had Celia received her injuries trying to escape an attempted sexual assault by Jason? Serena worried that might be the case, but the truth was much more innocent. All he needed was a bit of relationship advice from those two romance experts, Fletch and Raf. Girls like “good manners and kindness” according to Raf, and “nice presents” according to Fletch.

bernie serena holby berenaTalking of romance, Serena and Bernie were definitely holding eye gaze a little longer than usual in the scene in Albie’s at the end. They were there to celebrate Serena’s decision to step down as Deputy CEO so she can concentrate on her family and her patients rather than piles of paperwork.

There was a new girl on AAU, for about two minutes. Then she was sent to Darwin, where she was supposed to be meeting her mentor, Mr Oliver Valentine. She imagined he’d be pompous and stuffy with a wife named Pandora, she told Oliver Valentine, without checking who she was speaking to.

jasmine holbyOliver Valentine spent his formative years at Holby being mentored by Jac Naylor, and now the circle of Holby life sees him mentoring this new girl, who is almost certainly Jac’s sister. She has the same name as Jac’s sister (Jasmine Burrows) anyway, but you can’t take anything for granted in Holby land. I can’t wait to see her and Jac together. She looks like she won’t be scared of Jac at all, and that has to be a first for a newbie. She’s bright, perky, beautiful and brave enough to stick a chest drain in when there’s nobody else around to do it. In other words, she is Prime Holby Material.


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5 responses to “Holby City: Welcome to the madhouse

  1. I love Bernie and Serena. They work so well together and I think they’ve got great onscreen chemistry. I hope we still get plenty of Serena and Hanssen even though she has stepped down as deputy CEO. It also makes me wonder who Hanssen will get to replace her. I’d love to see it be Guy Self and watch them wind each other up.

  2. jb

    After the addict takes the two women hostage in the pharmacy, several boxes of morphine sulphate can be seen on the shelf next to the computer, which the addict could clrarly just pick up. However the tension of the situation is based on the fact that the addict wants morphine but the pharmacist doesn’t have access to any. Is this a plot hole or a continuity error?

  3. Rose

    The only good thing about this episode was Jasmine. She’s a breath of fresh air on Darwin!

    The hostage scene didn’t really feel all that tense and Essie turning into a reincarnation of Chrissie made me wish she’d ended up with the bump on the head.

    As for AAU… Can Bernie shut up about her divorce now and maybe, I dunno, do some work in the Trauma Unit she thought they so desperately needed? Serena is morphing into a hideously indecisive moaner. What’s happened to the character we’ve known and loved up until now? This was also the first time Jason’s presence annoyed me – I can’t bare to hear “Auntie Serena” being yelled across the ward anymore!