Holby City: You have the bridge, Ms Effanga

mo holby(Series 18, ep. 40) At the beginning of the episode Mo was telling a non-speaking and barely glimpsed medical person that she wanted to have a termination. For the rest of the episode she struggled with her decision, via the medium of dealing with a stroppy daughter-of-patient who’d previously been a patient of hers and Mr T’s. It should perhaps be a lesson to me to pay more attention to the patients, but I can honestly say I didn’t really remember this one. It probably didn’t matter anyway, because the point was that she reminded us (and Mo) what a lovely man Mr T is, so Mo rang him and left a voice message. In return she received a text telling her not to contact him again. Ouch! That’s so not-standard Mr T behaviour – Mo has hurt him good and proper.

mo hanssen holbyWith one tall, calm and lovely Holby man far away in Sweden, Mo sought the advice of a tall, calm and lovely Swedish man close at hand in Holby. Hanssen always steps up to the mark when needed, and he always has a nice clean hanky about his person if you need to have a cry. By the end of the episode Mo had decided to cancel her termination and Hanssen was supplying her with ginger beer for her morning sickness. I’d have him pencilled in as godfather, too – he’d be fabulous. 

ric isaac holbyOn Keller, Ric was concerned about Isaac. He’s the cockier type of junior doctor, the sort who is annoying yet (usually) ultimately rewarding to mentor, but Ric has seen enough of those in his time. What he was more concerned about was whether Isaac could be trusted not to hurt Dominic. Ric was annoyed when he caught them kissing (more than once), but only because he’s aware that Dominic is very vulnerable at the moment (remember how central Ric was to the Lee storyline, and then there’s obviously the loss of Digby). He sees a “superficial attitude” and a lack of respect in Isaac that he doesn’t much care for.

AAU was busy with a shortage of staff, a scaffolding collapse in the high street, and one of the Fletchlings wandering about. I do love it that Serena calls them Fletchlings, too.

mikey holbyIt was Mikey, the one who is a mini-me of Fletch and who looks like he’s about to launch into a song from Oliver! at any given moment. I love the Fletch/Mikey double act almost as much as I love the Fletch/Evie double act. Mikey also had a lot of scenes with AAU patient o’ the week Ivor (Ryan Sampson), a junkie with a nasty abscess (even nastier after Mikey had whacked him with his school bag).

As we saw Ivor leave the hospital, I had a sneaky feeling that he’d be back . It looks like we won’t have long to wait for that to happen, and the abscess will be the least of our worries. Also next week – new doctor Jasmine Burrows. You may have heard the name Burrows on Holby before.


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6 responses to “Holby City: You have the bridge, Ms Effanga

  1. Marilyn Linwood

    The Holby fan page is buzzing! Best thing on.telly ever! Every line a gem! Eagerly await Jacq’s sister but Jacq should go for good! Superb writers!

  2. Susan Hambleton

    Mr T must come back and be with Mo. She realises how much he means to her now.

    • Nicola

      Sadly for me after all the build up there was just no chemistry there. I thought that story failed. So although I would love to see Mr T back, just not with Mo romantically.

  3. holbybunners

    Oh woe! I was hoping we would have a surprise return of Mr T (Mr T!) . Mo treated our lovely gynaecologist abysmally .. and has been getting on my nerves recently ..

    .. as have most of the other medical personel – for they all put their personal crises ahead off concern for their patients ..

  4. Thunderchild

    I noticed Fletch said ‘Dr Posh’ last week, ‘Dr Smug’ was referenced in the past and now the ‘Fletchlings’ get a mention. I think you need a nickname for another character just to see if it gets into the script and then perhaps you can start claiming some royalties from the writers! 🙂

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