Holby City: It’s the heat

sacha jac holby(Series 18, ep. 39) This was my favourite kind of Holby episode – there was a lightness of touch about the whole thing, with lots of funny dialogue. There were some lovely character combinations – Sacha in particular was beautifully used to bring out the sweeter and more human side of Jac, while appearing in his own story line that involved a hilarious scene with Ric.

jac ollie holbyJac was suffering from the effects of being sprayed with nasty gas last week (this was the second of a two-parter), which was unfortunate timing because she had to do ground-breaking surgery on that hot-shot tennis player. No worries – Mr Oliver Valentine had been training for this moment and working his precious socks off for her, so he was ready. 

Sadly, he was also being a bit lippy, and Jac – eyes all red and watery – was in no mood to take any of that kind of nonsense, so she dumped him from the case and drafted in Mo.

mo holbyLast week Mo was resisting bacon and being emotional. This week she almost vomited in a patient’s open chest cavity. For the avoidance of doubt, she confirmed to Jac that she’s pregnant – with, it must be assumed, a Baby T. Sweet! But entirely useless when there’s groundbreaking surgery to be done. So Ollie was back on the op, and he was wearing his finest “sulky-yet-smug” face as he scrubbed in.

ollie jac holbyThe surgery didn’t go exactly to plan and Ollie had to revert to a more conventional procedure. This annoyed Jac, but what annoyed her most was when Ollie laid into her on a variety of issues, one of which was her parenting of Wee Emma. Jac had told Sacha earlier that she’d missed the signs that Emma has whooping cough, so we knew she was already feeling guilty. There was a kind of thrilling dread in seeing Ollie call her out on her mothering skills, and it was inevitable he’d get a smack in the face for his trouble.

All was well that ended well as far as the tennis player was concerned, though. Bigger surgery meant a longer recovery time – which he welcomed so he could have a nice break from tennis. He was also a massive flirt and seeing him flirt with Jac (wanting to work on all of her strokes) was rather delicious. Jac, however, decided she needed some time off to be with Emma. Before anyone panics, Holby series producer Simon Harper confirmed on Twitter that she will be back.

sacha essie holbyParenthood was very much on Essie’s mind. She was ovulating, which meant Sacha had to Perform. That would be pressure enough, but it was still the hottest day in Holby since records began, and it seemed that everyone knew what was afoot. “You have big sex night, yes?” the Keller patient o’ the week (who was adorable) said when he spotted the bottle of Pulses Own Brand Sparkling Wine Sacha was carrying. There was already someone in the on-call room,  as Sacha discovered a little too late, so Essie suggested the romantic confines of the car.

We didn’t see what happened (thank goodness), but we gathered from the post-mortem that the whole experience had been a bit… limp. “Oh my goodness,” said Dom when he overheard what they were talking about. “Oh my goodness. You two are disgusting.”

sacha ric holbyThen there was a wonderful scene in which Sacha asked Ric Griffin for advice about Viagra. It was the timing and the reactions of the pair of them that was so funny. Eventually Sacha and Essie had a heart to heart, and she ripped up her ovulation spreadsheets.

On AAU it was all about the Raf/Fletch bromance. Fletch was thinking of moving himself and the Fletchlings out of Di Lucca Towers. “I feel like we’re cramping his style,” he said. “Raf has style?” said Serena. What was upsetting Fletch was Raf getting together with Psych Naomi, but when Serena advised him to prioritise his children rather than a romance with a not terribly suitable woman, he saw sense. While Raf was setting out for a date with Psych Naomi, Fletch was ringing Evie to organise a (paddling) pool-side barbecue. I know which sounds more fun to me.

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One response to “Holby City: It’s the heat

  1. Andrew P

    I found this a very strange episode; rather uneven in tone, I thought – I hadn’t even realised that last week was the first of a two-parter, although it did end very abrubtly.

    What I did like was that Jac seemed at her most human for a long time; since returning she’s been full-on Ice Queen, but these last few weeks have really taken their toll; particularly since the loss of the research project. I think she gave a realistic portrayal of someone in that situation; she was still trying to hold it all together, but it came crashing down. What seemed forced was the whole CS gas spray thing/overlapping storylines; seemed an odd and rather melodramatic way to make her unable to do the operation.

    I do like how they are making Selfie to be a rather evil character, we definitely need a villain around Holby; and I was glad that Ollie had the sense not to play into his hands by telling him that it was Jac who had caused his injury.

    Also liked to see Sacha standing up for himself; something Essie said she wanted, and hopefully with a good outcome.

    And while I’ve been looking for the Mo pregnancy for a while, again it seemed a really odd way to introduce that. So these two episodes helped move the plot on a lot, but felt odd in terms of tone.

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