Casualty: Different ways to get attention

rita casualty(Series 30, ep. 40) Oh good grief. Is there really nothing better to do with the characters of Rita and Connie than having them go all stupid about men? This week Rita let everyone think her ex had given her a black eye (it was actually the wing mirror of a car she was hiding behind) so that they’d be cross with Iain for not protecting her and he’d be cross with himself and realise he’d been a stupid fool to let her go. And of course the truth came out, and now it’s Rita who looks like a stupid fool, and I’m cross about that because Rita is worth ten of Iain. Though on the other hand it’s given Louise someone new to frown at, because since Charlie forgave Elle for dobbing him in to Hanssen, Louise’s face has had nothing to do. She’s only happy when she’s giving someone evils. 

jacob casualtyConnie, meanwhile, has managed to resist Staff Nurse Beefcake for about two whole weeks. Her resolve couldn’t withstand seeing him in danger, then wet, then shirtless, so it was no surprise at all when they ended up using the adjoining door of their adjoining hotel room. I’m fully expecting Grace to be kicking off when Connie gets back, though, and this time I’ll be on Team Grace.

charlie david casualtyPatient-wise, there was a girl who was pretending to be more ill than she was, mainly for the purpose of speaking Rita’s brains about her black eye. And, in the most intriguing segment of the programme, David Hide seemed to take it very personally when a girl died of a heroin overdose and her father wasn’t at first interested in coming to see her. Charlie is suspected that there’s more to David than meets the (unfocused) eye. But what is Hide hiding?

I continue to be worried about Robyn. Her new boyfriend sent her some flowers this week, which in real life would be a very nice thing, but in soap life either means he’s a serial killer or he’s about to get tragically ill and die. Either way, it doesn’t bode well for lovely Robyn.

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  1. Sarsh

    The Connie/Jacob story was laughable! I think tptb having stealing one too many fan fiction ideas. Again this week they proved the difference in terms of the quality of writing and the quality of acting between Casualty and Holby City. The latter is brimming with incredibly talented actors who, even if the general premise of a storyline is on the silly side, can give a beautifully nuanced performance. Casualty performances often look like the actors have only just memorised their lines and when the story is as daft as this week’s no amount of dramatic camera shots or raging water (or buff actors without their shirts) can save it. Casualty needs a reboot.

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