Casualty: It’s a special place

duffy casualty(Series 30, ep. 39) Once again, Duffy is back in Holby ED. And, once again, she neglected to tell her oldest and bestest friend Charlie Fairhead that she was back, but as soon as they clapped eyes on each other they went all warm and wistful. Actually, every time nobody was looking apart from we viewers at home, Duffy was looking a little worried. What problems have pursued her from New Zealand only time will tell.

I’m not actually a huge Duffy fan. Cathy Shipton is an excellent actress, but as a character I’ve always found Duffy’s saintliness a bit much. The way she sat with a man who thought he was about to lose his second child but instead lost his wife would have totally creeped me out – she’s just too intense. And she keeps gazing radiantly about her, telling everyone how special Holby is. 

charlie elle casualtyI much prefer Elle Gardner, because she seems like someone who really works for the NHS – overworked, tired, a bit fed up but doing her best under difficult circumstances. The difficult circumstances this week included all of the staff team giving her the cold shoulder for dobbing Charlie in over Big Mac’s prescription drugs stash. It also included looking after the aforementioned man’s wife and baby, and here she did good work (even though the wife died) which earned a kind word from Charlie and now everyone is her friend again.

dylan casualtyThe curse of the staff member’s relative hit Dylan with a double strike this week, as both his baby sister (sorry, “half sister”) and father were admitted as patients. Dylan strongly disapproves of his father’s lifestyle (and, in my favourite insult ever, referred to him as “You pathetic fraction of a man”), but really just wants his love. At least he has the love of Max, as that bromance is going strong. I loved the scene where they were both trying to cope with changing the baby’s nappy in the staff room because there was no baby-changing “flap” in the men’s toilet. “I’m responsible for a lot, Max,” said Dylan, “But not sexism in architecture.”

rita casualtyOn the romance front, Iain has dumped Rita. And Robyn’s new boyfriend has taken to lurking outside the hospital waiting for her to come out. I don’t know if he’s going to turn out to be the nightmare boyfriend from hell (they usually do), but I hope if he does we get to see a scene where David Hide challenges him to early morning fisticuffs on Holby Heath. I can just picture David striking a boxing stance in the morning mist.

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  1. wiggles

    I actually thought this episode was a little under-whelming for being the ?1000th anniversary one. All just seemed a bit meh to me (although did love Dylan – but then I always have!!)

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