Holby City: Luck is for lesser surgeons

jac holby(Series 18, ep. 37) The Digby Stent. It sounds like a particularly subdued type of dance for someone who prefers their dancing to contain as little movement as possible. Actually it’s a game-changer of a fictional device, and the credit for it must go to Jac Naylor and her crack team on Darwin.

ollie zosia hanssen holbyOr must it? At the press conference to launch it, Jac was informed that apparently those dastardly Germans had already launched something very much like it. Instantly, Jac was on the warpath, and it led her to be even more horrible to her team than usual, and to forge ahead putting the aforementioned stent into an adorable opera singer (Ronny Jhutti), risking the wrath of the patent holders in Berlin and, more importantly, Hanssen. I very much enjoy Jac/Hanssen showdowns, because she isn’t scared of him and he always seems to want to save her from herself. 

It took the whole episode before the quivering finger of suspicion finally settled on Selfie. He told Zosia it wasn’t him, though frankly I’d trust him as far as I could drop-kick him, and with my knees that’s not far.

isaac dominic holbyMeanwhile, Dominic went back to work after a bit of leave and discovered that the new registrar on Keller was none other than Syed from EastEnders, only he’s had a haircut, is now Dr Isaac Mayfield, and was the person Dominic had woken up next to that very morning. Oops. That’s got to make for an awkward day at the office. Isaac seems to be in the cocky/confident category of new doctors and didn’t waste any time getting stuck into a radical approach to a knackered spleen. It didn’t go quite according to plan, but that didn’t dismay him. And he and Dominic went home together at the end of the shift.

Dominic is worrying his friends by apparently holding on to his grief about Arthur and not letting it out. Even a trip to the Linden Cullen Memorial Shrubbery, which worked a treat for Serena getting in touch with her grief last week, didn’t do it for him. Zosia shed a little tear and said she missed Arthur, though. Essie thinks Dominic needs a bereavement counsellor, but he’s not keen.

cara holbyHe could use the services of Psych Naomi, but she’s too busy pootling around on AAU being lusted after by both Fletch and Raf. She seems more drawn to Raf – he’s got more money, doesn’t have kids and he’s more organised re marking birthdays etc. However – it was Cara’s last shift, and when she said goodbye to Raf it was sad, because after their kiss and her move to Darwin, their storyline just fizzled out. It was a very low-key exit for Cara – though she did get a lovely scene where she stood up to Jac about the way she was treating her team, and a sad hug from Morven, who was being stored in a locker room for that specific purpose.


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3 responses to “Holby City: Luck is for lesser surgeons

  1. Please tell me it wasn’t just me that worked out Selfish was the leak during his conversation with Zosia… I’ll admit I was very surprised that Jac didn’t at least attempt to tear his throat out once she had figured it out…

    Hooray for Cara! Thank god somebody tried to talk Jac down, but Mo was right, good job she did that after she had written her reference. I am a bit annoyed that the whole Raf/Cara thing only fizzled out rather than ending properly. I know they tried that with the Jez thing, but the story was still there even after he rejected her, which didn’t make sense to me…

    I think Essie was right, Dom really does need to talk to somebody about Arthur, I know from experience that bottling opinions and feelings up is never a good idea…

    Love reading your reviews Sue, they always seem to summarise each episode perfectly and give your opinion on them at the same time.

  2. Thunderchild

    With a bit of luck this is the beginning of the end for Selfie. In an ideal scenario Jac will publicly destroy him while Serena watches on with a bottle of Shiraz!

  3. Andrew P

    Seems a shame about Cara, with a series like Holby City people often have to stick around for a season or two before we really see much of their real character; and she essentially had the Jez storyline – which was very dramatic, but wasn’t really about her. Is that really then end for her?

    Otherwise, loving the drama over the stent; it’s not often that intellectual property battles over medical developments get portrayed on TV!

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