Holby City: Broken boy soldier

dominic holby(Series 18, ep. 34) Still determined to break our hearts one week at a time, this week Holby gave us the sad sight of lovely Arthur Digby arriving at the hospital by ambulance, with breathing difficulties, and the even sadder sight of him in a hospital bed. Symbolically, Dominic had been fiddling with one of Digby’s military figures and snapped it in half accidentally. Was it curtains for Digby?

All wasn’t lost, however. There was always Jac’s prototype removable stent, which would make a huge difference to Digby’s quality of life and send him on his way – if not with a spring in his step, at least being able to breathe unaided.

morven digby holbyThe aforementioned stent was destined for another patient. By manipulative means, Zosia (who in her turn was being manipulated by Selfie, who has been at her shoulder like a bad angel quite a lot recently) made sure Arthur got the treatment he needed. I think we have to park quietly to one side that Zosia’s actions were unethical. Just the look of relief on Morven’s face when she heard the surgery had gone well was enough for me. 

And Dominic glued the little Napoleon figure back together.

The episode had started with Digby giving first aid to a patient, Ruth, who’d collapsed outside, in a lovely scene which was a reminder of everything we love about Digby – his kindness, his skill, his nerdy awkwardness.

jason holbyRuth ended up in AAU, where there was a power struggle going on between Serena and Bernie. Serena was even competitive about who should look after Morven. Auntie Serena’s nephew Jason didn’t help this process with his own brand of brutal honesty (Jules Robertson has excellent comic timing and I especially loved his scenes with Jemma Redgrave). Jason also provided something else for Serena and Bernie to compete over – Bernie thought Serena was being over protective of him, and Serena thought Bernie didn’t understand how hard it was to try and manage Jason’s expectations.

It seems possible that Bernie and Serena are being lined up for a romantic relationship, and given the abilities of the two actors involved and the chemistry between them, I think that’s an interesting prospect.

dominic essie holbyIt was a huge week for Dominic. If his best friend being ill and undergoing surgery wasn’t stressful enough, he also had to look after Alison – the partner of Dominic’s nasty ex, Lee. Dominic didn’t want anything to do with her at first, but he was forced to get involved and by helping her he also helped himself to face his feelings about Lee.

Next week – cancel any plans you might have for Tuesday. Even if you have a holiday booked, cancel it if you can’t get BBC1 on the hotel telly on Tuesday night. You are not going to want to miss one second of next week’s episode.


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7 responses to “Holby City: Broken boy soldier

  1. fredpipes

    Remind me of the advantage a removable stent has over a non-removable one? 😉

  2. Andrew P

    What a heartbreaking time to be a Holby viewer. This is where this kind of long-running drama really pays off, in that you know the characters so well, and identify with them.

    With Dom, who is emerging as a pretty fine surgeon just at the point that he’s dealing with the impending loss of his best friend. We know the people around him, too, so those who are incidental in a particular story (Essie, Rick) all have rounded personalities too.

    With Zosia, who’s struggled with depression, the loss of her mum (who’s illness was kept from her to help her get her medical degree), and with having Selfie for a dad – but who else does she have to turn to at this point for help? What a complex set of emotions she displayed this week – hatred, fear, empathy, cunning, simplicity, despair.

    With Arthur, who I initially didn’t really like, and thought was pretty one dimensional, but who Rob Ostlere has infused with such warmth and charm that he has become a fully-fleshed out person, with hopes and aspirations, which are all now disappearing like the last rays of sunshine on a summer’s evening, with no prospect of a sunrise.

    I just had to watch last night; I felt compelled to, to find out what happens to everyone. And all this from the series that has so often been my guilty pleasure. I usually watch on iPlayer, so I have no idea what’s coming next week, but don’t worry – I’ll be watching.

  3. Sarah

    Excellent episode! I’m struggling to like/sympathise with Zosia anymore just as I’ve failed to see any reason to forgive Jac on all those occasions when she was rude b**** to patients for no reason. Zosia is Self-ish. Ok, she has tiny pangs of guilt afterwards but essentially Zosia looks out only for Zosia – just like Daddy Self.

    I’m not sure how I feel about a possible Bernie/Serena romance. Wasn’t Bernie deeply in love with Alex? Out of sight out of mind is it?

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