Holby City: Breaking hearts, one week at a time

digby hanssen holby(Series 18, ep. 33) For those of us hoping for Hanssen to pull a miracle cure out of the bag for Digby, like he did for Ric Griffin, he is leaving it a little late. And I rather fear that if he was going to do it, he’d have done it in this episode.

There was a lot of Hanssen this week, as he’d decided to station himself on Keller for the day. The first thing we discovered about him is that his middle name is Love. It’s pronounced ‘Loovay,’ apparently, but his stethoscope is engraved with ‘Henrik Love Hanssen.’ It’s too delicious.

digby holbyThe stethoscope as a symbol of the practice and vocation of medicine, and Love as a symbol of, well, love, featured prominently in this episode, as Digby came to the realisation that the future he’d imagined for himself might be disappearing. 

Hanssen was a supportive presence to Digby throughout. “Your career is not over yet,” he told him, as he encouraged him in dealing with a 15 year old girl who had terminal cancer.

Sadly, by the end of the episode Digby knew otherwise, and resigned. “So what am I meant to do without you?” Dom wanted to know. Sacha and Essie thought about laying on some drinks and cakes, but Digby didn’t want a fuss.

digby holbyAs he was leaving, he found a present in his locker from Hanssen. A stethoscope engraved with his name. Trying it out by listening to his own heart beating, Digby smiled and cried and I think the entire Holbyverse (is that a thing? It is now) smiled and cried along with him.

raf fletch holbyLight relief was to be found on AAU in the Fletch/Raf double act. Still squabbling like an old married couple, they were both entertained and exasperated in equal measure by their patient, who thought he was “the sole manifestation of the fabric of god on earth.” Surely that’s Jac Naylor? Anyhoo, with great power comes great responsibility, which means he couldn’t be anaesthetised because who knew what might happen to the world while he was asleep? The only way he would agree to the surgery he needed was for his power to be temporarily delegated to Fletch. If only Fletch had been able to effect a miracle cure on Digby while he was in possession of these powers. Sadly he wasn’t, and nor did he manage to sort out the refugee crisis or prevent a bus crash on the bypass.

He did, however, get a date with Psych Naomi. This was a bit of a disappointment for Raf, who likes her himself, but he didn’t want to get in Fletch’s way. Worse was to come when he overheard Zosia yelling at Ollie for kissing Nurse Cara Martinez.

ollie cara holbyYup, in a moment of tequila fuelled madness, Ollie pounced at Cara just as Zosia walked in the door to try and sort out their differences. Ouch. At this rate, Mo had better watch herself. She’s the only female speaking cast member on Darwin who has managed to avoid being “romanced” by Dr Valentine so far.

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  1. HolbyNut

    I can hardly bear it – Diggers is such a pet.
    The stethoscope scene was a sob-fest.