Holby City: I’ve always got your back

serena ollie zosia holby(Series 18, ep. 32) All three stories in this episode dealt with issues of loyalty, friendship and support. Some relationships were strengthened, but one seems to have broken up altogether.

Maybe I should start with the broken one and then proceed via the strengthened-yet-sad one, and end with the strengthened-and-happy one so we’re not too depressed by the end.

Remember last week when Serena’s car was stolen and lots of confidential information from her laptop made its way to the press and the interweb? This week the impact of Serenaleaks (as she wouldn’t thank me for calling it) was most strongly felt on Darwin, when “news” emerged of a doctor with bipolar. Then Zosia’s name was published online, possibly by her patient. 

zosia holbyZosia, considering dreadful things were being said about her in the press, and one of her best friends is terminally ill, was remarkably calm and focused on trying to work out what the patient was not telling her about his condition. Somewhat disgustingly (why am I surprised?) Selfie used it as an excuse to manipulate Ollie. He told him to remember that he was Zosia’s superior as well as her boyfriend, and left Ollie’s lack of backbone to do the rest.  A stronger character would have nodded and smiled and inwardly told Selfie to shove off, but Ollie nodded and smiled and then told Mo he didn’t think Zosia was up to assisting in theatre. Mo, bless her, tried to cover this up, but when Zosia found out she was not happy, and Ollie found himself dumped. Is “Zollie” over? Or will he win her back with his newly-honed pasta making skills and beautiful blue eyes?

Meanwhile, Digby and Dominic are breaking my heart. There are some people you meet in life who change you and make you a better person, and that’s what Digby has done for Dominic. I’m not saying there won’t be any situation in the future when Dominic doesn’t lie to get his own way, or threaten a patient with the pointy end of a syringe – he wouldn’t be Dominic if he wasn’t a tiny bit strange and very sassy. But he’s mellowed and become a kinder, more caring person.

digby holyDigby went to visit his parents in this episode, to tell them that he was married, and that he has cancer. We didn’t get to see Felicity Digby and her husband, but we didn’t really need to. I can picture them from Digby’s description – cold, proper, emotionally absent. I bet they never had pets and they probably have a dining room that’s only ever used on Sundays. Digby needed to rehearse what he was going to say. Dominic played the part of his mum: “Have you changed your hair? It looks different.” “Dom, my mum’s not going to ask me about my hair,” Digby said. Dominic realised that Felicity was obviously nothing like his own mum. “It’s tangent, tangent, tangent in the Copeland household.”

digby dominic holbyI’ve probably said before (more than once, sorry) that David Ames has the most expressive face, but he really does. He can switch from saying something funny to looking desperately sad in a second, but it’s not just a facial expression. You understand what he’s thinking and feeling. And Rob Ostlere’s Digby is so funny and sweet, vulnerable but touchingly brave. Honestly, I know he’s fictional and everything but I really am thinking of doing a fun run to raise money for a miracle cure. Who’s with me?

I bet that Bernie Wolfe would be game for a fun run, and the good news is that Serena Campbell would probably join her (as long as she was back to do Jason’s dinner on time).  Serena returned to AAU from her brief suspension following Serenaleaks to discover Bernie installed in her office – and what a messy pup she turns out to be. Even worse than Elliot Hope, and he was living in his car for half the time so he had an excuse.

bernie serena holbySerena wasn’t happy to learn that Bernie was there to keep an eye on her, in case she mislaid any more laptops or let any more random police officers wander round the department for no good reason. It was all too much, and Serena resigned. Then she un-resigned again, realising that she and Bernie work well together, and she needs someone to keep an eye on Fletch and Raf while she’s getting Jason’s dinner ready. This is excellent news, because Jemma Redgrave and Catherine Russell are a dream team.

Like Digby and Dominic. But not, apparently, like Zosia and Ollie.


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6 responses to “Holby City: I’ve always got your back

  1. Vaudelin

    Great review as always, thank you Sue. I really enjoyed this episode. It’s kind of strange though as when I saw Zosia and Ollie all loved up at the beginning of the episode I actually thought how happy they looked and how difficult it would be for them to work together if they split up! I didn’t see that coming.

    I actually said “oh no” out loud when I thought Serena was leaving. I loved the last scene with Serena and Bernie and found myself smiling which doesn’t happen very often when I watch Holby. Great episode.

    • Thank you, Vaudelin. I hope it’s not the end for Zosia and Ollie – if only because it would really annoy Selfie if his manipulation hadn’t worked. I love Bernie and Serena together and I hope there’s a lot more to come in that evolving relationship.

  2. holbybunners

    I agree that Ollie was being manipulated by horrid Selfie – but if Zosia had been in the operating theatre she would not have been around to receive the result of the patients blood test would she?

    Yes it was a great review .. and I was snivelling when I saw the scenes between Diggers and Dominic ..

    .. and smiling when I saw the scenes between Fletch and Not-Smug placing bets on the Bernie/Serena clash ..

    What a great lot of characters there are now – and all superbly acted by the Holby cast.

  3. Tracey

    Does anyone else suspect an upcoming romance between Serena and Bernie or is that just me?

  4. I want to know if serina with and up having a relationship with Bernie . I hope so they will make a good couple

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